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    The world is running out of world

    Within the past few weeks a report aired on the internet stated that humans finally used more resources than the world can produce. This is quite amazing. There is a math problem which lends itself to demonstrating the nature of this problem: If pond scum was growing over a pond and was...
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    What is the funniest moment in your life.

    OK I have more than one. I will relate two: Don't be afraid to tell on yourself. When I was 7y/o my parents took us to the zoo. We went to the primate cages. The largest cage was the chimpanzee cage. Looked to me like it was 100 feet in the air. The chimps were jumping and screaming...
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    True Love anyone?

    I have never been so fortunate as to have found a "love of my life". I have always been too injured and immature to have the "right" woman to pay attention to me. Now, at 67 and physically challenged I know there will not be such a person for me. While I do believe that anything is possible...
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    My spiritual life story.

    As any story will, mine will likely ramble some. I guess I will start with the rape. When I was 8, or 9 years old I walked in on my mother being beaten and raped by my abusive stepfather. I have no memory of the sound of the beating, but I know it was the sound of the beating which drew me to...
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    I would love to see some examples of poetry. I'll be brave if you are.

    The Old House: The old house still standing here. All these years drawing me near. In the sky the clouds are all Forgotten faces. Here as a child spelled my name, Sang my songs, played my games. Yet, there was ice in the wind, Hidden pain in secret places. Through the door with memories...
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    What is the Book of Genesis really talking about?

    I finally noticed that the Book of Genesis might be a lot more profound than I thought. The book of Genesis was written as a result of people passing down oral histories for many millennia. These oral histories might have been passed down for 10, 20, even 100,000 years or longer. Here is the...
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    General discussion

    I suffer from Arizona heat. Need cool conversation.