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    Old Fashion.

    Overalls on women in the 90s and dark lipstick. And turtlenecks
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    Do you remember when it was a big deal to dial long distance from your home WITHOUT an operator?

    I knew how to make those calls for free at home
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    Cordedi handheld vacuum wanted

    I searched Amazon and many stores and can't find a reliable one. I bought one at Penneys and returned it when it would not recharge battery. Cordless vacs last only 10 minutes at. a time. Also I have cat fur around. Less than $80. 00. The joke is that they suck. You use one you recommend?
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    Who can help me decide on a hand-held pet-hair vacuum?

    I, too, am looking for a inexpensive handheld vac, cord or no cord. Strong suction. Bought and returned one that would not even charge the battery. Don't trust Amazon reviews.
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    The Ernest Hemingway Documentary on PBS

    I have never understood why Hemingway is regarded as a great writer. His work bores me totally. I hate the style and it is out of style nowadays. Why Hemingway? Why not Mark Twain, Fitzgerald or? Steinbeck is another one who I think is overrated. He is good for ESL students and beginning...
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    What Do You Think of the Motley Fool?

    The name Motley Fool says it all. I don't trust it, nor do I trust any other specific opinion source.
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    Virtual Reality Helps Senior Loneliness & Mental Health Using Recent Immersive Technology

    First, I don't trust anything virtual nor does it satisfy me at all. Makes me want the real thing. Virtual can be very deceptive and addicting! Places that help seniors are making nice profits, too. Second, I have read about the connection of loneliness to health and heart since the early 80s in...
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    What Drives You, Logic or Emotion?

    I have studied this issue. And I conclude that people generally are driven by emotion and feelings though they will not realize or admit it. Emotions are usually stronger and motivating than logical choices and people do not understand nuances of logical errors I taught logic from a book but I...
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    Hour long appointment!

    For the first visit with a specialist she talked with me for a whole hour and it was not urgent or anything serious. All for 40. Dollars. We are always saying how docs say nothing well Here is an exception. I will see her again after lab work is done. I just wish I had recorded it. End...
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    Ever have tipping remorse?

    No. Tipping is for personal service only. Yes it is expected as if it is required part of the bill. Once I did not leave a tip for coffee at a cafe and the next day the same waitress charged me a quarter more for the same coffee. How petty. I never went back. Florida.
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    Henry Aaron Has Passed

    Very underrated because he played in milwaukee compared to Willie mays. Also great.
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    What ‘old person’ things do you do?

    Read this forum. That's an old thing to do
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    Do you remember searching for soda bottles?

    Yes. 2 cents for a pop bottle and 5 cents for a quart. Then I could buy a candy bar or soda for 10 cents. The bottles were dirty even with ants. I forgot about that. Imagine telling kids today this!! Movie was 25 cents where I lived. I also stole cigarettes.
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    What classic T.V. show do you like?

    Ugly Betty. Not a classic. My favorite from 2006
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    Has your mental health declined in the last year?

    If. My life was a television show it would be a boring rerun