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    Childhood Fears

    When I was around 4 or 5, I heard a thump 'a thump noise coming from the laundry room. When I walked in, the washer was walking toward me. Scared the shortcake out of me.
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    Asking questions re: your health and wellness...

    A guy walked into a pharmacy & asked the clerk, "Do you have ******?" "Yes," he replied. "Does it work?" asks the guy. "Yes," he answered. "Can I get it over the counter?" he asks. "Well, maybe.....if you take two."
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    Toilet height, your preference?

    The heated toilet seat reminded me of a funny quote during Jay Leno's show. It was called "Headlines": He would show funny ads & articles from newspapers. One advertised a "Fireproof Toilet Seat." He said, "How many times have you sat on the toilet, only to have it burst into flames?"
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    School shooting in Nashville!!

    Uh....except for one glaring omission: Criminals have all kinds of guns, including assault weapons. That's why decent law-abiding people need them, too. I won't try to defend myself or my loved ones with anything less than a criminal has.
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    nutritional supplements

    Same here. I've always found eating to be more enjoyable than powders & pills. And we're designed to absorb nutrients from food.
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    Al Bundy Recovers From Circumcision

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    School shooting in Nashville!!

    In a perfect world with perfect people, no one would need to be armed. And we wouldn't need police or military. Where is such a world?
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    School shooting in Nashville!!

    The difference is that the gun is an inanimate object that has no will of its own. The person does.
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    School shooting in Nashville!!

    The point made is that guns don't kill by themselves; they require a human to make them do anything. Your logic is similar to "People are constantly killed by cars, so cars are the problem." And, think about this: A gun stopped the shooter & saved lives. Whose hands was the gun in?
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    School shooting in Nashville!!

    In some areas you can get a permit; not in L.A.
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    School shooting in Nashville!!

    I'm a gun owner but I don't carry outside my property. I live in a state that doesn't issue carry permits except to cops.d Correction: L.A. County doesn't issue permits. Other parts of California do.
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    Two Times Beauty Products Have Scared Me Half to Death

    HAHA. Reminded me of what happened to my hands & feet a few years ago. I had Athlete's Foot & it spread to my ankle & caused swelling. I saw a foot Dr. & he prescribed a stronger ointment than was available over the counter, along with an oral antibiotic. I was a little leery about the...
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    What is uplifting?

    For me - seeing any animal.
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    School shooting in Nashville!!

    It started long before Columbine - 1927
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    Craziest Thing I've Heard... Maybe Ever

    I'd rather wait until it's time. Or, when things get really bad. I'd be concerned about one thing: What if they get an important phone call & forget about me. šŸ˜‚