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    What did you stock up with

    We usually have enough to last us 4-6 weeks. We just bought some extra fresh produce. What I have been doing is reading up passing time at home. Games, spending time with kids, managing the claustrophobia in small homes with no yards, and a whole bunch of things. Here's one on handling social...
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    Adult Children living at home

    What a lovely arrangement! This amicable way of living is a must in times of flux. Multigenerational homes were very common some decades earlier. I think although it became popular to move out and start nuclear families, multigen homes are making a comeback.
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    Can us seniors ever travel again with covid-19

    Best laid plans are going down the drain. The airline industry will collapse. My boyfriend works in this industry. I studied business in college (many years ago, yes) but no economics textbook prepared us for this widespread collapse. The worst part is we cannot predict how long this will last. :(
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    Israeli drug company donating 6M doses of malaria drug to US to combat coronavirus

    When will this end? I am so worried for many of my family members.
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    The silence of living alone.

    My mother is like this. She and her books have always been fine companions even when my father was alive. To an extent I am like this too. :)