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  1. Sassycakes

    Have you ever been to any large family reunions?

    That's what happened to our family reunions on my Mothers side of the family. Mom had 5 brother and 5 sisters. I had over 35 first cousins and many 2nd cousins. Sadly so many are gone now so we no longer have family reunions. I really miss those wonderful times.
  2. Sassycakes

    Are kids given too much homework?

    My children are all grown up,but I do have grandchildren that I have watched and helped with their homework. My 2 oldest grandchildren are in college now so I haven't helped them in a long time,but they did get a lot of homework in grade school. My 9 yr old granddaughter doesn't seem to get as...
  3. Sassycakes

    what do you do before you come here to Senior Forums?

    I have my coffee,call family members to make sure they are all ok, then get on computer and visit here first then check my emails.
  4. Sassycakes

    Humor - Doctors

  5. Sassycakes

    Humor - Doctors

  6. Sassycakes

    Common Word Pairs

    Coming and Going
  7. Sassycakes

    Compound words A ~ Z

    Doorstop E
  8. Sassycakes

    Boys Names by Using the First Letter of Each name...

    Yul Z/A
  9. Sassycakes

    Unusual Hobbies - A-Z

    Nut Collector O
  10. Sassycakes

    Make a Sentence with 5 letters

    S M E N T Some Men eat nothing toasted E N T G D
  11. Sassycakes

    Drop One then add One

  12. Sassycakes

    LAST WORD - Word Pairs

    Lock Key
  13. Sassycakes

    A-Z Words That End In A Vowel

    Base C
  14. Sassycakes

    A...Z words ending in ing...

    Lounging M
  15. Sassycakes

    Three word sentence

    Even on Amazon ? N
  16. Sassycakes

    Words that end in the Letter "D"

    Yard Z/A
  17. Sassycakes

    Members Funny Pictures

  18. Sassycakes

    Make a Sentence with 5 letters

    Don't share something you saw T E G U W
  19. Sassycakes

    LAST WORD - Word Pairs

    Team Mascot
  20. Sassycakes

    Last 2 Consonants Word Challenge

    Studious S D