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  1. Sassycakes

    Is it safe to travel to Viet Nam

    I was talking to my oldest grandson today, He is 23 yrs old and Graduated from College in June with a degree in Bio Medical Engineering .He loves to travel and so does his Girlfriend. I can't even count all the places they have traveled to so far. Now they are planning a trip to Viet Nam. They...
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    Are you Brave enough to answer

    I got this in an email today. How would you answer. Of course it was when both were alive.
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    Just to make you smile

  4. Sassycakes

    What is your opinion on this

    My nephew who is only 53yrs old is on Hospice care at home. They don't think he has much longer to live. His sister ,my niece ,just called me and said she wants to make a recording of him telling his daughter on her wedding, how much she means to him and another recording of all the family...
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    I'm turning into my father-in-law

    I was thinking a lot about my Father-in-law today. He passed away 26yrs ago today. My Husband and I were talking about him while we were driving to my daughters house, and we remembered one time when we were driving him and my Mother-in-law to a friends viewing. As we were driving there my...
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    I really enjoyed looking at these Photo's of Doppelgangers. It's amazing how some look so alike. It makes you wonder about reincarnation...
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    I need advice on raising a Husband !

    Before I ask for any advice I would like to introduce you to my Husband. You would think after 53yrs of marriage I wouldn't need advice, but unfortunately I do. We have had some very busy days this week. First on Tuesday they had a banquet for him for all he did for the community we lived in...
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    Last night was a Horrible frightening Night.

    Last night was one of the most frightening nights I ever had. My exDIL called me at 11:30pm. She told me that my grandson had been the victim of a holdup and the man had a weapon. I asked how my grandson was and she said "OK I guess, he is at a Police station giving them info on the robbery. She...
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    The worse prank anyone played on you,or you played on them

    I don't know if I ever posted this in SF before,but this was the worse prank played on me. Years ago my husband had to go to an eye clinic for a problem with his eye. They said he had gotten some metal in his eye and it left a rust ring. So they proceeded to clean it out. They used something...
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    Question about Radeon Settings and cnext

    I am not very well informed on the computer components. I have something called Radeon Settings and cnext on my computer and have no idea how I got them or what they do. I also received 2 emails in 2 days about an order I placed about Brawl Stars-Hero legends. I didn't order this and I didn't...
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    My Granddaughter blows my mind LOL !

    I have 3 grandchildren. My Sons 2 boys are in college and my daughter has an 8yr old little girl. She came over yesterday and asked me if I knew our Genealogy .. So I looked at her surprised and she said "What's the matter Gram ,don't you know what Genealogy is about." I said yes I do. She then...
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    Simplicity of Men Vs Complexity of Women

    HER DIARY Day night, I thought he was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a cafe to have some coffee. I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset at the fact that I was a bit late, but he made no comment. Conversation wasn't flowing so I suggested that we go...
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    Being very forgetful about things

    I had a weird experience today. Lately I've been very forgetful. I'll watch a show and then have to google to see someone on the show so I can remember their name because I recognize them but can't remember their name. Something happened today that really surprised me. I had a baby shower to go...
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    I don't know what Advice to give to my Sister

    My heart is breaking for my older sister and her son my nephew. 13 years ago my nephew due to a misdiagnoses had an epidural stroke that left him paralyzed from the chest down. My Sister's husband had passed away a few years earlier, so she had to quit her job and started taking care of her son...
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    I thought you might enjoy this......

    I just saw this and I thought you might enjoy it too.
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    What kind of Person are you according to your Birth Date

    If you want to have fun and find out what kind of person you are ,try this site. This was my result... #8 – THE BIG SHOT 8′s are the problem solvers. They are professional, blunt and to the point, have...
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    My Friend likes to make fun of me

    My "Friend" knows I'm not good at seeing hidden things. So every few days she sends me an email with pictures in it and then I am supposed to tell her what I see. Of course most of the time I can't find the hidden item and she sends emails to our mutual friends and then they all get a kick out...
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    Ignorant or Dumb things a Doctor said to you

    I am sick and tired of some Doctors I have seen. A few years ago I was seeing an Ear,nose and Throat Doctor. On one of my visits he told me he wanted to schedule me for an MRI. I asked him if we could wait a week or 2 before doing the test because my Daughter was getting married in a few days...
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    I am always wrong its what I do

    My son is annoyed with me because I still have a good relationship with his ex wife. He said she just uses me and my husband and we should stop bothering with her. I have told him over and over again that if we weren't friendly with her we would never get to see our Grandson's. He said the boys...
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    I wish I could give better advice

    My friend called me last night and she was very upset. We have been friends since we were in 1st grade. We were in each others weddings and have had wonderful times together. She called me because she was very depressed. She told me that over 40 yrs ago when she and her husband were married...