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  1. Gaer

    Admin: May I ask another tupid question?

    Sorry, I didn't mean tupid, I meant stupid! It's only 6:30 a.m., give me a break!
  2. Gaer

    Admin: May I ask another tupid question?

    Stupid question: If I click on a person's name and click on "about" a short bio comes up. Under that , it says conversation. if i write something under "conversation", is it only for you and the recipient, or is it splattered on the front page for everyone to see?
  3. Gaer

    serious post: How can Ipost a photo on a thread?

    Thanks! NOW I see the attach files icon. Didn't see it before! Duh! And thanks Seabreeze!
  4. Gaer

    serious post: How can Ipost a photo on a thread?

    Hi! What do I click on to access my computer photos to post on a thread? Can anyone help me? I'm looking for a serious answer because I'm not really savvy about this. Thanks.
  5. Gaer

    Is there someone here from Cardiff, Wales?

    Thanks Mike! I also read about the surnames on that site. Very interesting.
  6. Gaer


    I like the natural products So,In the store, right by the Tom's toothpaste, was a new one called "HELLO!". Bought it and every morning I talk back to it. Tell it "Good morning!" Yes, I'm goofier than a pet coon. But, it starts off my day in a happy mood!
  7. Gaer

    Will Be Done With Citibank Banking

    Mathjak107: Good! Thanks! You set my mind at ease a little!
  8. Gaer

    What does that mean when they say "You have been awarded a trophy"?

    I see! It's been many years since I last smelted!
  9. Gaer

    Will Be Done With Citibank Banking

    I'm not sure whether to post this or not. I'm out of my league here but everyone knows your names, where and when you were born, where you live, what you do or did, if your married or not, On some posts, pictures of your boat or chopped collector pick-up truck, whether you invest in gold or...
  10. Gaer

    Questions about beef and chicken

    Lethe200: I guess you were posting the same time I posted! Thank you for all the information! You answered a lot of my questions!
  11. Gaer

    Questions about beef and chicken

    o.k., Thanks! Any ideas about the USDA shield sticker? I don't want to buy cutter beef or select beef instead of choice. I've asked "Where is the choice beef" at the meat counter and am told, "In the glass case. If it's priced 26.99 a lb.or over, it's probably "USDA choice." Ah, I'm...
  12. Gaer

    Pet Happiness

    60? You're just a baby! I thought this website was for the elderly and everyone seems to be so young! My apologies for taking the post off track!
  13. Gaer

    Newly Alone

    Get in the shower. Wash that man outta your hair! "Got along with out ya before I met ya, gonna get along without you now!" One of my favorite quotes may help you. Meanwhile, Hold your head high. Smile. Be confident. You are FREE! "The only life worth living is the adventurous life. Of...
  14. Gaer

    Greetings Fellow Seniors!

    Hi! Redditt wasn't a good fit for me either. Once in a while they will have a scientist write about physics or astronomy, (intelligent postings) and I'm mesmerized! I wanted to discuss things with mature,intelligent, interesting colleagues, so I'll try this out. I'm new here too! (just last...
  15. Gaer

    What does that mean when they say "You have been awarded a trophy"?

    I keep seeing this when I click on the little bell. What does it mean? This trophy: Is it solid gold? Arethey going to mail it to me?Is it because I'm so wonderful? (ha,ha!)
  16. Gaer

    12 gauge double barrel handgun.

    231: I've put other guns in gun shops on consignment and they not only didn't sell, but they came back damaged from handling. Won't do that again. But, Thank you for the suggestion. It was kind of you.
  17. Gaer

    What shows and or movies are you or have you watched on Netflix?

    Someone mentioned Ricky Gervais. The Invention of Lying You gotta see this!
  18. Gaer

    Feeling unusually sad this evening

    Liberty: I have a n Australian Shepard dog. Don't know why . . I'm a cat person. But he's a good dog for his kind . . just a damn poor kind! (Kidding!) I'm fine now. I'm back to normal. When your husband dies unexpectantly, it really sets you back. I was telling her to sing, dance...
  19. Gaer

    12 gauge double barrel handgun.

    Liberty: Thank you! I contacted them! (They are busy but will get back to me) Appreciate your help!
  20. Gaer

    Well, This is Interesting (x-rays and lung cancer)

    231: Agree with you 1000%!