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    Only adult in the room

    In dealing with your children, do you sometimes feel that you are still the only adult in the room although you are 75+ and the children are 50+? Do you or should you ever stop feeling that it is 'your room.'
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    How far is too far? (animal rights)

    In the past 40 years, animal rights groups such as PETA have radically changed public opinion on the use of many everyday items; furs (even fake ones), leather, feathers, etc. The latest push extends to such things as goose down for our comforters/vests and wool for our blankets/warm clothes...
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    Internet security, anonymity, chat forums, blogs, etc.

    If you were an official in a large company or the government, is the protection of anonymity secure enough that you would post derogatory statements about your superiors on an open forum? Inquiring minds and all that ......
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    Have you ever participated

    in a social media "Challenge"?
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    How far should diplomatic immunity extend?

    Should there be limits? I personally think she should be returned for trial. Her driving skills had nothing to do with her husband's job.
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    For TV true crime fans

    Last night I watched a good one - Manhunt with Martin Clunes (Doc Martin). Also, recently watched the first episode of Season 9 in Doc Martin series. I've always liked the story but love the scenery and this issue is heavy on that. There are so many interesting remodels in Portwenn that...
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    Jeanne Robertson, great stand-up

    comedy that's hilariously funny (with a southern slant) but clean enough to watch with your Mommy. I watch her via Roku on U-Tube and try to end my day with one of her funny bits. She never disappoints me. She talks a lot about life with her husband, Jerry, lovingly called "Left Brain" and...
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    Vietnam Era Veteran?

    Forgive my dumbness here but what is the significance of being a Vietnam Era Veteran? I see it on hats, t-shirts, as autographs on facebook pages, etc. To me it simply means someone who lived during the time of the Vietnam War. Is simply living at a particular time a point of pride for some...
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    Unconscious nervous habits

    Do you have one? Mine is to clench my shoulders. I sometimes find my shoulders stiff and up around my ear lobes when I'm reading, watching TV, riding in car, even when I'm just sitting a talking to a neighbor. Been doing it for years and can't break myself of habit. I relax them immediately...
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    Amazon alert. Check the paper work.

    I just opened an Amazon package. Noticed wrong item sent. Pulled up my order and found that in addition to sending wrong variety of item - the item shown in photo and sent - did not agree with the Item Description. Also, the "subscribe" button had been checked, something I never do. Don't...
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    Have you ever tried to read

    a book that was full of beautiful words but had no discernible story line/no plot? What do you do, read just for the joy of the words or give it up? I've invested an hour and a half and still find no plot. I'm returning it to the library and downloading something else for my Kindle. I'm glad...
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    Newest, most advanced electronic device

    How long would you stand in line to buy one? I have never and will never. However, I would gladly stand for hours if Microsoft would develop, market and support a nice, retro laptop with a simple, no glitz, easy to operate system such as Windows XP, Vista or even 7. I don't need...
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    My onions were a little too 'oniony'

    for the chicken salad I wanted to make but remembered an old trick from years ago. Soak chopped onion in a little milk for about 20 minutes. Drain, shake dry and add to recipe. Flavor remained but did not overpower other ingredients. I make a very simple chicken salad based on the deli...
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    Popcorn! What's your pleasure?

    I'm old fashioned. I like Orville Reddenbacher White cooked in large wok shaped pan that has small bit of flat bottom area and glass lid so I can keep close watch on popping progress. Begin with hot burner, tsp. corn oil and the three kernels to tell me when oil is ready. When at least 2 of...
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    Did your school have school yard bullies?

    If so, were you a victim or one of the pack?
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    Fans of Martin Clunes (Doc Martin)

    can see him in a new comedy, Warren, on Amazon Prime. Quite a different character from the impeccably groomed Doc Martin. I got a few laughs but Rotten Tomatoes gave it 17% if you pay attention to that sort of thing.
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    Weird 'microsoft' pop up

    Just came again. It's in black background box in lower right corner' Says "Micro Soft Account Problem. (It looks like your password has changed.)" And more and telling me to click on box for help. Not professional looking at all. I'm naive but it looked very fake to me. Deleted, of course...
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    Windows 10

    I'm just learning Win 10 following years with 7. Does freeze happen a lot for everyone or is it operator errors?
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    A pleasant surprise

    I was gifted a hand soap (Bath and Body Works) in a pump bottle that dispenses with a nice foam instead of a sticky liquid. I was about to throw the empty away and I wondered if it could be refilled with ordinary liquid hand soap. Took several tries but found that diluted slightly, it works...
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    Sounds. What are your favorites? Most annoying?

    I live in a small, very quiet community. Very little noise except those of nature, birds mostly, mourning dove and mocking bird. There is occasional dim traffic noise and almost none of that at night. I love to hear the very faint sound of the train whistle if I happen to be awake around 3...