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    Anyone See PBS Frontline On Feb 18 About Amazon?

    And if diesel emissions contribute to climate change, he owes it. I have had an Amazon order of six items delivered by five different drivers each driving big diesel delivery trucks.
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    A Mailed Dinner Invitation To Listen To An Annuity Sales Pitch

    Salesmen who only want to spend time, money or energy on a sure thing are in the wrong line of work. Sales are like planting a garden. Rely on or even expect every seed to germinate and you are looking at failure and disappointment. In younger days, I sometimes played the game if I had the...
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    I've Heard It Said That There are No Stupid Questions...Or Are There?

    Yes, I've often heard 'sinus' referred to as a condition rather than a body part.
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    If you could switch gender for a day, what would you do?

    Happy with what I am, thank you.
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    If you were given an envelope with the time and date of your death inside, would you open it?

    Yes, I think I would. I'd like to tidy up a few things. I have a journal that I've kept for years, that if read by the wrong person might be hurtful. Burn, trash or remove a few pages.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome from south central Florida
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    How do you feel about snakes?

    Sorry. I misinterpreted . No offense intended. I love Aussies, also Tennesseans as I have many ancestors and living kin from there.
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    Well, This is Interesting (x-rays and lung cancer)

    X-rays are a two edged sword. The possible risks should be weighed against the benefits and patients should be given the information to make a rational decision for themselves but money/greed gets in the way as it does in many other ways
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    What shows and or movies are you or have you watched on Netflix?

    Thanks, I'll give it a try
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    Look Out Your Window And What Do You See?

    A beautiful sun setting behind an orange grove with a few palm trees in between.
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    Hi folks

    Welcome from south central Florida
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    Plymouth Rock, other monuments targeted with spray paint

    Immature people look at vandalism as pranking. It's fun, a cute thing to do that might get them the attention of their peers. Psychologists might say it's because their Mother didn't give them enough attention when they were little.
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    Social Security scams costing Americans

    It must be working or the people doing it would not continue. Elders today were raised to believe that most polite well-spoken people were honest and could be trusted and believed. It was rude to be impolite or to not be trusting of strangers. By elders I mean those in my own age group...
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    What shows and or movies are you or have you watched on Netflix?

    I have Netflex and Acorn as well as Amazon Prime and several others and find that most programming is aimed at a much younger age group simply because there aren't that many 86+ year old women in total charge of their own remotes. Programming must go where the money is. I do watch Grace...
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    How do you feel about snakes?

    Interesting that the OP is from and lives quite near the portion of the U.S. where snake handling religious groups were and still are located ... middle and eastern TN, KY, and western VA . Ronni, were they a part of your culture when growing up?
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    If all social media websites were shut down

    As one who occasionally had a good idea and shared it without demanding that it be universally accepted.
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    What has to happen for you to be able to fall asleep?

    Room quiet, dark and me reading an interesting book on a back lit Kindle. Book must be interesting enough to keep my brain engaged but not one that makes me anxious to see what's on the next page. Otherwise, I'll read all night and be dull the next day. I'm now reading a Tami Hoag mystery...
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    Interesting & Happy Morning!

    Not so. You're tough. Don't let the bast@rds get you down. You're made of better stuff and you know it. Maybe someone else was having a bad day and were envious because you had a good one. Not your problem. Don't let anyone else make it so
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    Dump Cake

    Pre-diabetes days I occasionally made dump cakes. The friend who passed the recipe on to me said it worked best to (1) use real butter (2) put the stick in the freezer for a while (3) carefully grate over the top and spread well. I think it more resembles a cobbler than a cake and would have...
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    Interesting & Happy Morning!

    CR, everyone needs to be a 'hit' occasionally. It's good for our mental well being and I'm glad it brightened your Saturday morning. If it put a spark in your day and maybe the day of those around you, that's a good thing. Your description of how and why it happened was interesting and =...