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    Principal Says Crossing Guard, 88, Died Saving 2 Kids

    'We're just so blessed that he was there' More of this news,
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    Video, Old-Schooled: Would-be Mugger Beaten by 77-Year-Old Man's Boxing Jabs

    A 77-year-old man was lauded by the South Wales Police for defending himself against a man who attempted to rob him while he used an ATM outside a Sainsbury’s grocery store in Cardiff, Wales, on February 5.
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    Mediterranean Diet May Keep Seniors Sharper, Stronger

    Another study is extolling the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, this time in regard to aging.
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    Do you trust your Doctor? When comes to giving out drugs.

    This girlfriend of mine has stage three kidney damage and she was given this drug named Glyxambi.
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    Do you trust your Doctor? When comes to giving out drugs.

    I don't trust them and always look on the internet for information before taking them. My girlfriend family doctor gave her a medicine for her Diabetes but on the box it says don't take it if you have bad kidney damage which will make much worse. Her kidney doctor told her not to take it and her...
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    Managing Diabetes.

    I got a phone call from Insurance company wanting to help me manage my Diabetes two. Now I'm worried because does this mean my insurance rates will go up? They want to give me a device so I can keep track of BG tests everyday and what I eat. My insurance is UMR.
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    Who's the most famous person you've ever met?

    My Mother is 5th cousin to David Crockett. I know the founder of Domino's pizza.
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    Plymouth Rock, other monuments targeted with spray paint

    Vandals targeted Plymouth Rock and other waterfront monuments with red spray paint overnight Sunday. PLYMOUTH - “Why? Why? Why would someone do this?” Gayle Manning asked as she looked down at vandalized Plymouth Rock Monday morning...
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    Man Who Swam to US From Canada to Deliver Books Is Released

    A man who said he swam across the Detroit River from Canada to try to deliver handmade books before Christmas has won his release after two months in U.S. custody.
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    He's been gone for eight years, but he still gets his wife flowers every Valentine's Day

    A Kentucky man passed away in 2012, but before he did, he made sure that his wife would always know just how much he loved her. For over eight years, Rich Cox has had a flower arrangement delivered to his wife for her birthday and Valentine's Day, which are a day apart...
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    Video, Jeanne Robertson "Don't send a man to the grocery store!"

    Jeanne is on Sirius & XM Radio this clip is from Jeanne's Southern Style! Jeanne's official website SEE Jeanne Live Check Jeanne Robertson out on iTunes:
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    Colorado woman charged for feeding deer inside her home.

    Wildlife officials in Colorado said they have filed charges against a woman who filmed video while luring wild deer into her home to feed them. Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared a video showing a woman luring deer into her house in Evergreen and feeding them human food...
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    Australia Heaviest rain in 30 years puts out bushfires

    Heavy rainfall in Australia's New South Wales has forced the evacuation of several towns but also extinguished some of the persistent bushfires that have devastated the state.
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    Meet America's New Top Dog.

    Siba is first poodle to win Westminster since 2002
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    Voyager 2 and only 11 Billion Miles Away Form Earth.

    Voyager 2 was only expected to last for five years, but it's still operating 42 years after launch.
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    Do you like too watch Foster Brooks?

    Foster Brooks Roasts Jackie Gleason Man of the Hour
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    Do you like too watch Foster Brooks?

    I really like too watch Dean Martin roasts. Foster Brooks Roasts Jimmy Stewart Man of the Hour
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    Cruise Ship Stranded at Sea Over Coronavirus Fears, Denied Entry by Several Countries

    Thailand’s government has turned away a Holland America cruise ship on Tuesday, just hours after the firm announced that it would be able to disembark in Bangkok—making it the fifth time a country or territory has denied it entry amid fears that someone on board might have coronavirus...
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    41 New Coronavirus Cases Found on Quarantined Ship

    More News, 40,000 coronavirus cases may be 'tip of the iceberg' as death toll nears 1,000
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    41 New Coronavirus Cases Found on Quarantined Ship

    I have a friend that was in the U.S. Navy that said the same thing.