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  1. Butterfly

    Does Your Pet Have A Nickname?

    Sometimes I call Henry "Baby Boo" or "Love."
  2. Butterfly

    Remember Eating in the fifties.

    We got to eat our dinner on TV trays (gotten with Green Stamps) in front of TV ONLY when Walt Disney Presents came on on Sunday night. Otherwise it was absolutely all at the table and you were not allowed to be excused until everyone was finished. We weren't even allowed to answer the phone...
  3. Butterfly

    Citizen reporters go out and do what the media won't! (empty hospitals)

    It's absolutely beyond absurd to believe that this virus thing isn't real, or isn't as bad as being reported by the major news media. If anything, it's probably worse, since we don't really have a handle on how many people are infected because there are not enough tests available.
  4. Butterfly

    USPS could shut down

    Mail once or twice a week would be fine with me, too. Almost all of the mail I get is junk mail, anyway. Since so much of business and personal stuff is now electronic, I really don't see the need for every day delivery.
  5. Butterfly

    Email from the pastor

    Are you sure this does not violate the stay at home order where you are? I think it would probably violate it here. Whether it does or not, I think it is a very unwise choice. Why can't people just obey the order?
  6. Butterfly

    Dr. Fauci Shuts Down ‘Fox & Friends’ on Coronavirus Cure: ‘We Don’t Operate on How You Feel’

    This is not to be taken as a political statement against Fox, but I do not think non-physicians should be advocating for a particular drug to treat coronavirus or anything else. Laypeople don't have the training or experience to make pronouncements about the advisability of a drug for a disease...
  7. Butterfly

    USPS could shut down

    One thing I was thinking about last night is what would happen to absentee voting if the post office goes under? Online voting?
  8. Butterfly

    What's brining you joy during this unusual time?

    If you are into British mysteries, you should check out Acorn TV and Britbox. They are chock full of British mysteries and are much cheaper than Netflix. I stream them through my Roku device. I believe both of them have a 30 day free trial. I am a big fan of British mysteries myself.
  9. Butterfly

    What's brining you joy during this unusual time?

    The love and companionship of my dog Henry bring me constant joy and delight. He is such a blessing and I am SO glad I found him.
  10. Butterfly

    Polio Epidemics and Pandemics

    I agee. I would rather be dead, too.
  11. Butterfly

    Finding my anxiety and depression kicking in big time

    Aunt Bea, I find myself doing the same thing. I hate feeling like every trip to the grocery might be my last.
  12. Butterfly

    Car inspection during covid-19?

    Our DMV here is closed and they are giving extensions on everything, even drivers' licenses.
  13. Butterfly

    When the virus dies, what kind of world will be left, after the onslought?

    I very seriously doubt that it gone before summer. In fact, I believe it will be endemic, like measles, just waiting to strike again when people get complacent.
  14. Butterfly

    When the virus dies, what kind of world will be left, after the onslought?

    I remember standing in long lines to get the polio vaccine when it first came out. We got the shots first, and then, when it came out, the one on the sugar cubes.
  15. Butterfly

    When the virus dies, what kind of world will be left, after the onslought?

    I remember the fear of polio as well. One of my friends got it. I was glad when the polio vaccines came out. The Great Depression affected my family a great deal as well, and I well remember my mother's mantra, "NEVER waste food."
  16. Butterfly

    Hobby Lobby Stores Defy Closure Order

    Not to mention the who knows how many others the family members might put at risk. I don't care what their religion is (and I don't think those owners are true Christians, BTW, or they would not be acting the way they are), they do not have the right to endanger public health. I hope they fine...
  17. Butterfly

    A Warning About Doctors Office Visits

    I think you made the right decision. My doctor's office has cancelled everything that isn't life threatening until later on this year. I was going to cancel my appointments if they hadn't done it first. For me, I just didn't think it was worth the risk.
  18. Butterfly

    Hard hit of the reality of it....(Covid19 tested positive)

    I am so sorry to hear this, old medic. I'm sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I consider you a hero for being a first responder and confronting this mess every day when you go out to help others and risking your own health in the process. I know that might sound corny, but...
  19. Butterfly

    How does this Pandemic make you feel?

    I feel pretty much the same. I live alone and that's fine with me, but I sure miss being able to go here or there when I would like to. It's not like I go anywhere spectacular, but sometimes I just like to pop out and see what's new at a store or something like that, or go walk around...