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  1. Uptosnuff

    Pains & Struggles of Investing

    @retiredtraveler "Total return on my investments more than doubled in about 16 months . Those funds came back long before stocks, and paid dividends. That secured my retirement. And yes, I could have been wrong............. " "You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din" :cool:
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    Pains & Struggles of Investing

    Very valid concern. One I wasn't willing to take. I hope it works out for you.
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    Plants Missing

    Liberty, I have never heard of "Nextdoor" but I will definitely do some research. Thanks for the tip!!
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    Pains & Struggles of Investing

    I started investing in my early 20's. I worked for Northwestern Bell at the time. They had a fabulous benefits package that included a matching 401k with company stock, medical, a pension program and they also contributed to Social Security. I worked with older workers who were always talking...
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    Plants Missing

    I know exactly what you mean about online selling. I hate it but don't know what other avenue to use to sell things. I tried selling an antique dining table, chairs and sideboard on ebay and Craigslist. I did get a couple of texts from Craigslist but they looked dicey to me, wanting me to...
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    Ladies, how long had it been since you heard or said..

    I still do own slips and skirts and very occasionally I'll wear them both. I happen to like the way women look in pantyhose with skirts/dresses better than without. Frankly, I think it makes your legs look better, smoother and more put-together. I'm more apt to wear pantyhose in the winter...
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    Name your very own pub

    We DID had a pub for a very short time and it's name was O'Briens. Even though my last name is Kelly. :) If I were to personally name a bar it would be the Roundabout. I'm not sure why.
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    I will make sure I see this tonight. Should be really cool to see. I have heard even from people in the criminal justice field that weird things do happen on the full moon. . . . . . . . ..
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    KFC is now selling plant-based 'Beyond Chicken'

    I hope this doesn't lead to actual meat becoming scarce or faux meats becoming so prevalent you don't know what you are actually eating.
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    Scared of Landlord

    @Patnono We'd love to rent to you, but since we live smack in the middle of the U.S., you'd have to move quite a ways. :) It does sounds like she will raise your rent again next month. Especially with the vacancies she has now, she has to cover that rent from somewhere. I know that moving...
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    Scared of Landlord

    Hi Pat I am also a landlord and if someone had stayed in one of my houses for that long I would have been happy as a clam. I don't quite understand about her posting rules. Every tenant should have a lease that describes exactly what they can and cannot do. There shouldn't be all that much...
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    How Often Do You Visit Your Library?

    I used to go to the public library all the time. Nowadays, not so much. Debbie I agree about the homeless. I work downtown and the library is pretty much a hangout. I am tired of all the panhandling. Several times I wanted to do research at a desktop and didn't want to use my one at work so...
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    Should Dad be there at the start ?

    My husband was there for my daughter's birth and I'm glad he was. Never mind that he fell asleep during labor, he was there for my delivery. I had a hard delivery and frankly I'm glad he saw what I went through. The miracle of birth is something he won't forget.
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    Rich short life or a long poor one

    It depends on how you look at the options. Rich, short life can mean a few things. Rich as in only having money, short as in die before 20, no, I wouldn't want that life. You wouldn't really have had even a chance to live. Rich in experiences, friends, family, maybe wealth and die at 30...
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    Roomba vacuum

    I bought a roomba a few years back. While it worked, I loved it. It got into corners just fine, it had little bristle brushes that got into them and swept them out. You could set up the roomba to do the whole house at one go and then have it dock in it's home station. The only problem with...
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    I have created a short film and would love for your feedback! :)

    I would agree it was a bit boring, but I did like the ending. You don't really know which one he is calling, which path he will take. You want him to call his daughter, but you're just not sure. You got your point across without the main actor saying anything. Interesting technique there.
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    Parenting today......

    I'm shocked there's enough need for a babysitting app. People still use babysitters?? Not here. People bring their kids everywhere. Bars, comedy clubs, all kinds of places that were considered "adult" oriented in years past. Nothing seems to be off limits to kids anymore and I'm not so sure...
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    The best things in life are free...

    A smile. Especially when you're having a bad day. Same goes for hugs.
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    @Butterfly Yes, go to a good chiro. They can give you lots of good ideas on how to relieve and how to prevent it.
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    Stretches can really help Sciactic pain. Here are three simple ones. Here are six more. I have found that stretching is one of the most important things we can do as we age. I think stretching can help relieve pain and even help prevent it in the first place. I attribute stretching as...