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  1. Ronni

    Palindrome Thursday

    Rare occurrence apparently
  2. Ronni

    My son-in-law nailed me.....

    ........with silly string 😂👌🎊
  3. Ronni

    How do you deal with laundry?

    I can't stand a full laundry basket. :mad: I'd do a load a day if it wasn't so wasteful. Even so, I do laundry several times a week. Ron has work clothes that are nasty from physical work in the heat, the dirty towels build up really fast (it doesn't help that we will both sometimes shower...
  4. Ronni

    Need for acceptance.

    "Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world" Jim Carrey This resonates deeply with me. I lived well over half my life being forced to seek acceptance, and almost lost myself, lost who I am, in the process. I don't do that any more. I know sometimes (often?) I can come across...
  5. Ronni

    Their happy place is with me 💕

    They are never as content as when they’re curled up with me... on my lap or next to me.
  6. Ronni

    Bad Hair morning!!

    What the heck did I do last night? Must have been a hell of a night...wish I remembered it 😂😂😂
  7. Ronni

    Made the perfect bruschetta!

    I love bruschetta but I wasn’t ever able to make it quite right. It was too salty or too vinegary, the bread was too soft or like a hockey puck...just on and on. Finally got it right! Ron ate so much I thought he was going to pop..and it was just supposed to be a snack. 😂 I’m really happy...
  8. Ronni

    My mind!

    This is really funny 😂 And also highly descriptive of what it feels like in my head sometimes! Between work, family,renovations, social life, and the thousand details of life in general, the noise in my head is pretty dang loud sometimes! 😂 How about you?
  9. Ronni

    Spelling words correctly.

    It just took me 6 tries to spell "solemn" correctly. Even without autocorrect, nothing I typed LOOKED right, y'know? That ever happen to you when you're struggling to spell a just doesn't look the way you believe it's supposed to?
  10. Ronni

    What does your typical day of meals look like?

    My meals are boringly routine during the work week because I take food to work with me every day and I don’t want to take time figuring stuff out in the morning. I take a 20oz container of water which I usually fill once and a lunch tote consisting of a piece of fruit and a low-fat Greek...
  11. Ronni

    What do you think of this suggestion?

    I’ve done this on my other forums...the couple that I administer and the several others I’m an active member of. I give someone on the forum contact info for me and a spouse/family member/friend as a just in case thing. I’ve seen a few “where is X?” threads just since I’ve joined here I know...
  12. Ronni

    Bringing out the human in people

    Dropped by my local Dailys for a pumpkin coffee or donut or something like that for my daughter Paige. I started chatting with the gal there, to see if she could help me. When I expressed my disappointment on Paige's behalf that there was nothing pumpkin flavored yet, this sweet girl gave me a...
  13. Ronni

    Delete please. See “Bringing out the human” thread.

    Dropped by my local Dailys for a pumpkin something for Paige. I started chatting with the gal there, to see if she could help me. When I expressed my disappointment on Paige's behalf that there was nothing, this sweet girl gave me a free iced latte and a HUGE bag of pumpkin spice creamers to...
  14. Ronni

    This is what I’m doing today.

    Goal for Today. Cut out all the pipes, pull the rest of the drywall and insulation, get rid of the framing, begin running the electrical through the room. When all that’s done, clean up well enough to move our least the mattress...back into the room. 👍⚒💪
  15. Ronni

    Demolition Derby!!

  16. Ronni

    When you can’t find the book you’re looking for...

  17. Ronni

    Reframing attention seeking behaviors

    I’ve been doing a bit of research on this because one of my teen granddaughters is acting out. Also because I’m somewhat of a Student of Human Nature, when I’ve see anyone acting in a way that seems to be looking for attention, it’s been a curiously to me. So I’ve done a bit of reading...
  18. Ronni

    Spooky morning.

    6.30 am. My view as I sit on the back porch with my coffee. Kinda eerie.
  19. Ronni

    Busy fun weekend.

    Last Monday there wasn’t a thing planned for this past weekend. But as happens frequently with us, the weekend quickly grew legs and ran, and it ended up being very different, but fun and happy different, than the way it started out! Saturday Racer wants breakfast! This is the way he gets...
  20. Ronni

    What color do I paint my kitchen cabinets???

    What color do I paint my kitchen cabinets??? 😱 Theyre almost finished being built...the top ones and floor to ceiling unit anyway....and I have to decide on a color and I can’t! 😳🥴😫 I don’t know why it’s so hard. I’m just really struggling. The doors look like this, the same design though the...