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  1. Ronni

    How do you deal with laundry?

    Speaking of laundry....I have a rare day off work today, so I’m catching up on things around the house. I’ve just put in my 7th load of laundry!! Whites Darks Sheets (2 sets) Bath Towels (7) and dish towels. A delicate load The chenille bedspread and shams from our bed I do this every...
  2. Ronni

    How do you deal with laundry?

    We do take turns as needed. I don’t mind at all doing the laundry. I said in my original post that I find it soothing.
  3. Ronni

    Shopping at Walmart- it's an experience.

    Clearly their GAF is broken 😂😂😂
  4. Ronni

    Shopping at Walmart- it's an experience.

    Did you know you can search by state @Marie5656? 😉
  5. Ronni

    Shopping at Walmart- it's an experience.

    Guys!!!! Have you never heard Of the “People Of Wal-Mart” website? It was created in 2009. Readers contribute their weird Walmart photos. It’s hysterically funny, sad, strange, baffling and entertaining all at the same time! 😱🤷‍♀️😂 Weird Walmart photos
  6. Ronni

    Palindrome Thursday

    Rare occurrence apparently
  7. Ronni

    What does your typical day of meals look like?

    Ooooh ok. That last part sounds like Refrigerator Omelets .... that’s what I call the omelets Ron makes us sometimes on the w/e for brunch. 😉 He takes all the leftover meat and veggies in the fridge and chops them up fine and puts them in an omelet then garnishes them with cheese before serving...
  8. Ronni

    What does your typical day of meals look like?

    @Aunt Bea this first sentence really intrigued me. I can’t imagine eating eggs with vegetables!! Do you mind me asking how are the eggs cooked and what vegetables?
  9. Ronni

    Spelling words correctly.

    Even though I live in the US I’m an Aussie by birth so there are words that I had to learn a different spelling for after I moved here....color and colour being one of numerous examples. Don’t EVEN get me started on word meanings!! I had so much trouble when I first moved here trying to...
  10. Ronni

    So as not to hijack another thread about cash

    My spending behavior definitely changes if I’m running low. I become very frugal and conscious of every penny I’m spending, on what, can I get it cheaper elsewhere, do o really need it? Etc. I was very poor for a long time and had to literally budget every penny. I’d go to the grocery with a...
  11. Ronni

    My son-in-law nailed me.....

    ........with silly string 😂👌🎊
  12. Ronni

    Got a letter from Rick's nursing home...doing a memorial for all who passed this year

    I was going to suggest attending with someone Also a lot of suppprt groups have long time Members who are available for a phone call if a newer member is in crisis or needs help. If your group offers this or even if it’s jist that you have contact info for a more seasoned member you might want...
  13. Ronni

    So as not to hijack another thread about cash

    I have an app on my phone that is linked to my bank. Every few days It takes a little out of my checking account based on some complex algorithm that I have no understanding of. 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s not much and I never notice it, but since March I’ve saved over $700. Nice!
  14. Ronni

    Time To "Step Up"And Get On The Soup Box!

    That diet soup is called (or used to be called) peel-a-pound soup. The theory behind it is that it takes more calories to digest It than the calories you consume by eating It!
  15. Ronni

    Need for acceptance.

    Be grateful you don’t get it 💕 When you’re striving for acceptance your tendency is to be whoever or whatever will achieve that. Who you actually are, the core you, is submerged completely as you contort yourself into whatever will garner you the most acceptance. Perhaps if it were worded as...
  16. Ronni

    How I Saved $14,500. In About 4 Years

    See, if I could smoke like this I'd still be a smoker. I know people who will have one or two a day, or none at all unless they have a drink and then they'll have one. I started in my teens and quit when I got pregnant. Stayed quit till 1999 when things got really, really bad with my ex and...
  17. Ronni

    How do you deal with laundry?

    I can't stand a full laundry basket. :mad: I'd do a load a day if it wasn't so wasteful. Even so, I do laundry several times a week. Ron has work clothes that are nasty from physical work in the heat, the dirty towels build up really fast (it doesn't help that we will both sometimes shower...
  18. Ronni

    Need for acceptance.

    "Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world" Jim Carrey This resonates deeply with me. I lived well over half my life being forced to seek acceptance, and almost lost myself, lost who I am, in the process. I don't do that any more. I know sometimes (often?) I can come across...
  19. Ronni

    A happy day for us!

    Love this!! Congratulations. I hope im around to meet a few of my great grands!!
  20. Ronni

    Dancing with the Stars - new season

    As a dancer myself, I watched the show religiously when it first aired and for several seasons after. It always irritated me that the show was really more of a popularity contest them an actial competitive dance show. Whole the judges for the most part tended to score on ability, technique...