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  1. Uptosnuff

    When your adult child moves back home

    I have always been one who loved to journal. I have a couple of journals that I hand wrote but I haven't done that in quite a while. I am really happy to have a forum I can journal again where, frankly, no one in my house is likely to find it. I had been an empty nester for about 10 years and...
  2. Uptosnuff

    Who are these people?

    Right now there are 95 people total on this site. 13 members, 82 visitors. Do you ever wonder who they are? Do they find us interesting? What percentage of them will join the site do you think?
  3. Uptosnuff

    What is your tried and true method of falling asleep?

    For the last several nights I have not been able to sleep. Just can't seem to fall asleep. I have been struggling with this problem my whole life. I'm beginning to wonder if some people just aren't made for sleeping. It's either not falling asleep or waking up at an ungodly early hour.
  4. Uptosnuff

    Taking their heads off

    Hubby and I had a golf match on the TV. We weren't really paying attention and all of a sudden hubby looked up and said "what do you think would happen if we had people lining the fareway like that when we play golf?" I looked up and laughed and said, " we'd be taking their heads off. He said...
  5. Uptosnuff

    Holy, Moley, We can't seem to live within our means!

    My husband, my daughter and I are living in our house. A couple of months ago, my husband lost his job so we are now living on my income. Both my husband and I thought we would be fine with the income, but I am surprised at how hard it has been. We end up going into the overdraft right before...
  6. Uptosnuff

    Has anyone seen The Rocketman?

    I just saw this last night. My husband, my daughter and I went to the $5.00 theater. I would recommend it. It's obvious a lot of effort went into making this movie. I didn't realize so many of Elton John's songs reflected periods and circumstances in his life. If you are an Elton John fan...
  7. Uptosnuff

    Buy New Cars or Lease?

    Marie's thread about her flat tire made me think about whether it's better to buy or lease a car. I have always bought cars, both new and used and have never leased. I know many people that do, though. What are your experiences with leasing over buying? Which do you think is better?
  8. Uptosnuff

    Do you ever find yourself alone on holidays?

    This last Christmas, for the first time in my life, I spent alone, if only for a short time. My husband was working and my adult daughter was at her boyfriend's. I didn't think it would bother me all that much, but was surprised by how much it did. I found myself getting more and more...
  9. Uptosnuff


    This is a question for the women. When you went through menopause, do you take any HRT? If you did, what did you take and did it work? I have had it with these hot flashes. I've tried a few different supplements, Estroven, but I am not finding much relief for that condition. I am really...
  10. Uptosnuff

    We Only Accept Cash

    Not to be confused with the "Cash Only Please" thread. :playful: I am seeing more and more restaurants that only accept cash and I find this to be an interesting phenomenon. They are mostly local places, nothing fancy. I kind of like that independent thinking and understand the desire not...
  11. Uptosnuff

    Banning plastic bags?

    Our city council is considering a ban on plastic bags. I know that many other places have already done this and I really hope they pass it. I have been using my own bags for years now and they work really well. I have heard people complain about the cost of reusable bags and frankly, I think...
  12. Uptosnuff

    And Sometimes Retirement is Thrust Upon You . . . . . . . .

    Last month my husband found out he is no longer working. We were working at the same company, now only I am working there. (somewhat awkward) I won't go into the specifics but it was not a voluntary leave and it was not something we had planned. We had planned for us both to work another...
  13. Uptosnuff

    "Not a Problem"

    Whatever happened to saying "You're Welcome" when someone thanks you? Now, all I hear when I thank someone is "Not a problem". Where did and why did this response come about? I find this annoying and I'm not even sure why.
  14. Uptosnuff

    Do you get into March Madness?

    I am not much of a sports fan and don't really get into football, baseball, basketball, etc. watching and betting. But March Madness seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year. Do you get into it?
  15. Uptosnuff


    This year my husband and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary in November. We are sailing on our first cruise together to the Bahamas. Neither of us has ever been on a cruise before. I have booked the cruise itself, but haven't booked the airfare yet. I'm so excited I can't tell you. Do...
  16. Uptosnuff

    Are any of you in a Book Club?

    How long have you been in it? How did you come to be in it? I have been trying to join one / start one for a while now, but can't seem to find anyone interested in it. I've asked relatives and friends but all I seem to get are blank stares. The one answer I got was from my sister who just...
  17. Uptosnuff

    Fur Wizard - Good? Bad?

    We've all seen these ads for Fur Wizard pet brush. Has anyone tried it? Does it work? I am desperate to buy something to clean the pet hair in my house and my car with black seats. My daughter is moving back in to our house for medical reasons and she has a beautiful long hair white cat...
  18. Uptosnuff

    Eating Out - more? less?

    I have been doing some retirement planning worksheets and one of the considerations is entertainment. That made me wonder how often hubby and I will eat out when we are retired. Do you eat out more often since you retired? Less since you retired? I have no idea how much money we will spend...
  19. Uptosnuff

    Do overs

    From those of you who are already retired, what I want to know is . . . . . . . . .If you had it to do over again, would you retire earlier, later or at about the same time as you did? why? Thanks