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  1. Kimwhiz

    Dating After 50

    The only experience I’ve heard is from my son. He is so discouraged because the girls show up on a date and looking nothing like their picture. They doctor the picture and make him believe he is talking to a whole different person. That frustrates him because it’s being dishonest from the start...
  2. Kimwhiz

    Things from your childhood that would baffle young people of today

    I formed a bike gang when I was 7 called ‘heck’s angels’ since I couldn’t say hell. We rode everywhere. We had dense woods behind us in Georgia. We would spend all day running deep in the woods, no repellent or anything. We built forts, we played with bugs, we swam in a creek, we came home when...
  3. Kimwhiz

    Felicity Huffman sentencing tomorrow

    I heard that her kid didn’t know she was doing it and she cried asking her mom why she didn’t believe in her. That would be a lifetime of punishment for me. But she does deserve jail time also just like the rest of us would.
  4. Kimwhiz

    Oh the med peeps

    I'm sorry. After talking to you guys I would like to get off. I'll talk to my pcp. Thanks.
  5. Kimwhiz

    Oh the med peeps

    Thanks. 😄
  6. Kimwhiz

    Oh the med peeps

    I would never do that. I trust them. I just would like to sit down and talk about it with them more in depth. I'm going to make a appointment with my pcp to do that.
  7. Kimwhiz

    Oh the med peeps

    Hi. I got on this med because one night I sat bolt up in the bed and was aspirating some reflux that came up in sleep. Scared the pants off of me. I could hardly breathe. Hubby was out of town so I called him. I finally was able to stop coughing. I'm terrified of that happening again. I do get...
  8. Kimwhiz

    Oh the med peeps

    I have read up on diets for acid reflux. My husband cooks, yay!, and we do eat a very healthy diet. I haven't had a coke for a year or so. You know in Texas we say 'coke' for any soda. lol.
  9. Kimwhiz

    Life on the Patio

    So sorry you’re going through this. 😔
  10. Kimwhiz

    Oh the med peeps

    Thanks for the info. I didn’t know it was controversial. I’ll try to include more calcium rich foods in my diet and maybe start a multi vitamin. But I think ppi do inhibit the absorption of calcium. I’ll see what the bone density tests says and go from there. Breaking your thigh, ouch! Are you...
  11. Kimwhiz

    spider reacts to seeing himself in mirror

    Lol! Love it. He thinks that dude has some sweet fight moves.
  12. Kimwhiz

    Oh the med peeps

    I love my drs. My primary and gyn. They have been good drs for 20 years for me. One, I’m worried they will retire and I’ll have to start over again. Well, it will happen so I shouldn’t even waste the worry time. Second, since they are nearer to retirement, I do think maybe they aren’t up to date...
  13. Kimwhiz

    It’s this hot in Texas today

    Overcast this morning. Whoooo hoooo!
  14. Kimwhiz

    Just be there

    I love this.
  15. Kimwhiz

    It’s this hot in Texas today

    Should be 94 today. Going fishing with my huney. He’s off work today. Anyone ever fish with those already dead colored shad from Walmart all shrink wrapped. I’m so bad at picking bait and where and when to fish. I just know I love it.
  16. Kimwhiz

    It’s this hot in Texas today

  17. Kimwhiz

    It’s this hot in Texas today

    I know! Rain in summer is a big big deal in Texas. It’s snuggle on the couch, get a book, make some chili time. One day to be cool and not feel guilty for doing nothing.....oh can’t do any chores outside it’s raining.....let’s rent some movies!
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    It’s this hot in Texas today

  19. Kimwhiz

    We are grieving here today

    So so sorry for your loss.