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  1. debodun

    Hungry but don't know what to have

    Did you ever feel like this? Seems like I just had everything. I think it because I am such a fussy eater, I am limited to what I eat, so the rotation is quick.
  2. debodun

    May 28th would have been my kitties 20th birthday

    May 28th would have been my kitties 20th birthday. Adam lived to be 16, Gus 19.
  3. debodun

    Email from dentist

    Apparently my dentist is opening her office to patients. However, many procedures will be in place before and after she lets you in. Woudl you agree to all these policies? You will see some changes when it is time for your next appointment. We will again express some of the following changes...
  4. debodun

    Toilet Paper Riddle

    Why did the toilet paper get lost?
  5. debodun

    Your weight during pandemic

    Has your weight increased, stayed about the same of have you lost weight during the outbreak?
  6. debodun

    Masks in the wrong place or no masks

    At the laundromat on Sunday, there were three other people there ahead of me, two men and one woman. It is clearly posted on the door that masks should be worn while inside. Only one of the men was wearing one properly. The woman wasn't wearing any and the other man had it under his chin. I've...
  7. debodun

    Constant Stream of Motorcycles

    All weekend. All headed north. I didn't know so many people in New York were bikers.
  8. debodun

    Neapolitan Ice Cream

    Clever idea or worst idea ever?
  9. debodun

    Tavern riddle

    Why wouldn't the bartender in the local tavern serve a leg amputee? (hint: my answer is NOT "He didn't have a leg to stand on.")
  10. debodun

    Quilt disintegrated in washing machine

    I took the quilt (not a valuable antique, thank goodness) that's been on my bed since I had cats, to the laundromat. I put it in the top-loader with plenty of detergent. When I pulled it out, it had turned into a rag and there was stufing all over inside the washer. Most people would have walked...
  11. debodun

    Dusting Made Me Feel Sad

    I was dusting the window still by which I had the houseplants on a table over the winter. I came upon a little clump of cat fur. It reminded me that Gus has been gone 6 months now. Almost made me cry. I left it on the sill. He would have turned 20 next week. This is a photo I took of him on his...
  12. debodun

    After a cool spring so far - the heat is on

    I can't adjust so fast. It's been pretty much in the 50s day to day here for the last several weeks, now temps predicted to be neat or at 90F (32 C) in a few days. It was so close this morning in my house when I woke up, I put a fan in the window. It helped a little. It rained last light which...
  13. debodun

    Hot rods and detailing

    Why do some hot rodders paint flames around their wheel wells. Does that make the car go faster? Are they advertising they are flamers? What?
  14. debodun

    Bed Tussle

    Now that I have your attention, today was "change the bed sheets" day. Never had I had so much effort to do so. I have posted before about how sunken the mattress is. I took off the mattress cover to look at it and there are two holes. I am surprised there weren't springs poking through. Makes...
  15. debodun

    Paper Towel Riddle

    Why did everyone think the roll of paper towels was conceited?
  16. debodun

    Windows are still dusty even after washing

    Earlier this week, my chore was to wash windows. I have old-fashioned double-hung with weights that clunk in the walls when opening or closing the windows. They still look dirty and it's probably because they are dirty between the two windows. I don't know how to get in between them.
  17. debodun

    No snail mail in 10 days

    I wish I knew that before I get the car out and drive up to the post office. I should be happy though, no mail - no bills. I go on a staggered schedule since I get so little mail anyway. This week Monday and Friday, next week Wednesday, and so it goes.
  18. debodun

    Negotiating the price of a new car

    The last time I bought a car, I was literally and figuratively taken for a ride. Those stealspeople can really juggle numbers fast and I would have ended up giving them my trade-in. By the time they added in destination charges, taxes, detailing and a dozen other little things, I would have been...
  19. debodun

    My bank collection

    Rather than trying to post photos here - easier to make an album to view, if interested"
  20. debodun

    Senior trying to reset password