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  1. Lee

    Tea flavor.

    I like Earl Grey myself. Like the added flavour of bergamot.
  2. Lee

    Can You Freeze Philadelphia Cream Cheese?

    Aunt Bea that sounds good and easy too. Next week when I have a little more time I will try that with the cheese I froze and add a layer of blueberries to it as I have those frozen on hand also.
  3. Lee

    Red marks on lower arm

    Insect bite maybe...get it checked
  4. Lee

    Seriously considering moving into the Tiny house on Ron's property

    Ronni, May to be 100 percent safe and avoid all the extra cleaning you could make dinner at your place to bring over and eat outside.
  5. Lee

    Planning any home improvements?

    Aneeda, maybe once all the work is finished we will both want to stay and enjoy the fruits of our labour.
  6. Lee

    My Fidelity Visa has been rejected 4 times in the last week!

    When logging in to my bank account online this morning I put in my account number and password and then got a pop-up asking me if I prefer a phone call or text to get an additional number to log in with. Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. Lee

    More empty shelves than in April

    Had to go to three garden centres to get vegetable seeds. And was told that what they had was all they could get till next year. Milk, eggs, baking supplies and frozen vegetables all in short supply.
  8. Lee

    what's for dinner ( or lunch )

    About the Watergate Salad, here in Canada we had a similar version of that called Ambrosia Salad using sour cream I think. Used to make it for company coming. Some of those old recipes were quite good. Lunch, roast beef sandwich and dill pickle Dinner, no idea yet, shopping trip to buy a whole...
  9. Lee

    What Did You Have For Breakfast?

    pre breakfast....munching on a few cashews and coffee to wash it down.
  10. Lee

    May 2020... Please Tell us about your Day... May Flowers should be Appearing...

    Micka, so sorry about your daughter's miscarriage. Why things like that happen no one knows. But glad to hear she is all right. It's raining cats and dogs at the moment....always wondered how that silly saying came about. Got my garden planted yesterday, carting 30 bags of dirt had to have...
  11. Lee

    Seriously considering moving into the Tiny house on Ron's property

    Ronni, something I do not understand. Why would you even go over to the house that Sheri is still living in, She may have been gone for the night but still she has certainly touched most every surface in the kitchen. Since the idea was to have her move out so you could move back in why not have...
  12. Lee

    I've been on a peanut kick lately. How do you like your peanuts?

    Blister roast peanuts from Costco. Special roast makes them extra crunchy.
  13. Lee

    what's for dinner ( or lunch )

    Lunch will be leftover Chicken Noodle Soup and if the bakery has them a Boston Cream donut. Putting a crock pot roast on with mushrooms, carrots and potatoes for dinner.
  14. Lee

    What Did You Have For Breakfast?

    multi grain toast with peanut butter and a banana.
  15. Lee

    She jumps on you.......does this action predict love chances?

    She's either a predator or someone dared her to do that or she is clueless
  16. Lee

    May 2020... Please Tell us about your Day... May Flowers should be Appearing...

    Sassycakes, your hubby is soooo talented. What will the next theme be for the room, has your grandaughter decided? Got a raised bed frame in place and some soil in it so now off early this morning to the nursery for seeds, and plants. I do not dare plant carrots, absolutely not. Every time I...
  17. Lee

    Can You Freeze Philadelphia Cream Cheese?

    Thanks everyone, I only use the brick stuff for baking and have a tendency to buy too much at Costco. I like the stuff in the tubs for everyday like using it for wraps or crackers. The herb and garlic or onion one is great added to mashed potatoes or to noodles for a stroganoff. geez never...
  18. Lee

    Can You Freeze Philadelphia Cream Cheese?

    Bought a 3 pack and it's getting close to the expiration date. No bake time. Anyone tried freezing it?
  19. Lee

    I'm no longer interested in HOW this pandemic got here.

    I am interested in "how" it got started for the simple reason that until the reason is known there will always be idiots like Bryan Adams throwing his ridiculous theory out there on Instagram creating more racist attitudes.
  20. Lee

    Are drive-in movies making a comeback?

    Would be fun eh? Wonder if I could still sneak in the trunk of the car?