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    Deliveries in the old days

    1950s: Scissor grinder used to walk the back alleys of the city pushing a grinding wheel that had its own set of wheels. The homemakers would run out to have their scissors sharpened. Also, men in horse-drawn wagons sold produce. People referred to them as "Street Ayrabs" for some reason...
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    'Leave It to Beaver' actor Ken Osmond, known for role as Eddie Haskell, dies at 76

    He was the best part of the show which otherwise was sleep-inducing. ZZZZZZZZZZZ
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    Do you get tired of some of the music you've loved in the past?

    Man oh man, you lucked out. 45s even way back in the 50s were $1 in record stores and maybe 89 cents in the 5 and 10 stores. Lotta $ back then. In your shoes, I'd've thought I died and went to heaven. I think LPs were $2.98 or $3.98. So one day I'm downtown with some cash received for...
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    Do you get tired of some of the music you've loved in the past?

    Yeah, I like doo-wop R&B, just as much as rock-a-billy and straight old time rock 'n' roll. In the early 70s, I loved listening to an oldies DJ from NC who played the more obscure songs, much of it doo-wop. Most oldies jocks played the hits you heard a million times so it was a treat to hear...
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    Which do you like? Beard, Mustache or clean shaven?

    I don't like mustaches on female walruses. Makes it hard to distinguish male from female when studying their behavior.
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    Do you get tired of some of the music you've loved in the past?

    The early rock 'n' roll I loved in the 50s .... I still love.
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    Hand-Wash Only Face Masks

    The material is organic cotton, for whatever that's worth. Would you risk putting this in the machine for a "warm" wash? (Not "hot.)
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    Speaking Of Paul Brown

    Davis was drafted 1st round by the Redskins but refused to play for them and was traded to Cleveland for Mitchell. As good as Mitchell was for Cleveland, I always felt that Paul Brown underappreciated him and was happy that he unloaded him for Davis whose illness was unfortunately diagnosed...
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    Speaking Of Paul Brown

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    Speaking Of Paul Brown

    You know, with Paul Brown it was usually "my way or the highway" but Jim Brown was an exception. Have a VCR of the '57 championship game. All the Browns were lined up like soldiers doing calisthenics, but Jim was off by himself loosening up. Yet he was only a rookie. In practice, PB insisted...
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    Speaking Of Paul Brown

    Funny you mention Davis. In soph year of college, I gave a speech on him in Effective Speaking class. Yes, it would've been interesting to see them both in the same backfield. Of course, Brown did have a Hall of Fame running mate in his backfield for four years: Bobby Mitchell. Davis...
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    Living in the absence of Faces! How are you masking?

    We have hard tomatoes in this area.
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    Speaking Of Paul Brown

    After '56, he desperately wanted QBs John Brodie or Len Dawson in the draft. With the 1st pick, the Rams coach wanted Jim Brown but ownership insisted on local boy USC's Jaguar Jon Arnett who had a journeyman career. Then the 49ers picked John Brodie who had a nice career. They flipped a...
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    Paul Brown

    Yes he was a great coach with Cleveland but today's talking heads forget that he had a great QB, Otto Graham, who has been ignored when they talk about the great ones. After the '54 season OG retired. Uncharacteristically, PB all but begged him as a special favor to return for one more year...
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    Don Shula has died

    The talking heads are touting a book "Collision of Wills" that highlights the contentiousness between Shula and John Unitas. Recall an incident at tng. camp where Shula was giving Unitas the business whereupon JU flipped the football to Shula saying, "Here, you play quarterback." But I didn't...
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    Pope Says 'We Abandoned the Little Ones', in Response to Child Abuse Findings

    Nuns? Shucks, dad told me many times that masturbation caused blindness. I openly scoffed at his bogus nonsense. Then at age 12, I started wearing glasses. :eek:
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    This is what stuff used to cost.

    My brand new 1967 Camaro was $2,800. I was 23 and fresh out of the army. Blue body with black vinyl roof. Car was gorgeous.
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    Has anyone ever played a prank on you and if they did how bad was it ?

    Pranks that don't hurt someone physically or emotionally or in an embarrassing fashion are OK to me but I don't think anyone has ever hit me with even a minor prank. I include among the major pranks what I call practical jokes: newlyweds smearing cake in each other's faces, pulling a chair from...
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    Don Shula has died

    When Shula was our head coach, his teams would put up outstanding won-lost records during the regular season, go into the post season as heavy favorites, then break our hearts as his teams choked. It wasn't just the upset by Joe Namath's Jets in Super Bowl III. Witness also the 27-0 drubbing...
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    Daily Allowance

    You were given a sense of responsibility (school lunches) along with "pocket money," but if I were given the $5, it would have all gone to "pocket money" for frivolous things and the school lunches be damned. Yeah, there were some well-to-do kids who'd get much more than $5 but they were...