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  1. Furryanimal

    Beyond Cwmbran Boating Lake 1st June 2020

  2. Furryanimal

    Online Healing Concert by Laboratorium Piesni

    Polish ensemble.This is amazing.
  3. Furryanimal

    I have always wanted to do it......

    Whats something you have always wanted to do, but to this day still have never done it?
  4. Furryanimal

    Walk around Yr Afon Lwyd 28th May 2020

  5. Furryanimal

    The Rebel in you.......

    In what sense are you a rebel?
  6. Furryanimal

    Cwmbran Boating Lake-second selection

  7. Furryanimal

    Cwmbran Boating lake and surrounding area

    May 26th 2020
  8. Furryanimal

    You think you know your Star Trek?

    Star Trek-New Adventures pilot for a series they didn’t make. was to star Captain Sulu starts 24 minutes
  9. Furryanimal

    Compliments are wonderful....i think...

    What’s the worst compliment you’ve ever received?
  10. Furryanimal

    There is this thing called ‘The Internet’....

    In one sentence, how would you sum up the internet?
  11. Furryanimal

    The Great British Public-getting it wrong.

    Silly game show answers.
  12. Furryanimal

    The days of steam....

  13. Furryanimal

    Finding a new and perhaps permanent interest...

    Have you found a new hobby or interest in these trying times that you may not otherwise have got into? Being a sports fan I am watching Taiwanese baseball on twitter or Korean baseball on you tube every morning...never dreamt I would be doing that....
  14. Furryanimal

    A little bit of history from an iconic year...

    Germany 1945 no audio
  15. Furryanimal

    Site on a go slow for me

    For some days the site has been operating ridiculously slowly for me.I am on several other forums and I am not having problems with any of those.Nor with any of the apps I use daily.It has taken several days for me to be able to log in at all. This happened after the site decided-not for the...
  16. Furryanimal

    Do you like Mondays......

  17. Furryanimal

    Waiting.....the imponderables of life...

    Where do you not mind waiting? and yes i have asked this before today but the thread has been moved and locked!!
  18. Furryanimal


    Where do you not mind waiting?:D
  19. Furryanimal

    Squirrels....trusting ones...

  20. Furryanimal

    Favourite foods...that’s favourite foods...yes favourite foods!!

    What are your three favorite foods?