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  1. Sunny

    The "good old" days?

    In the thread about the C.S. Lewis quote, somebody said,: If you are old enough to remember the cultural values on the 1950's and early 60's: the events of today are beyond comprehension. "What happened?" I thought this was interesting enough to start a new thread on it. Starsong already...
  2. Sunny

    United States of Idiocracy

    Here's an excerpt from Max Boot's column in today's paper. The column is called "Welcome to the United States of Idiocracy." The column discusses that fact that our covid-19 rate is soaring like crazy, while in other wealthy democracies, it is plummeting. Here's part of the reason: An Ohio...
  3. Sunny

    Missouri couple greet marching protestors with guns That house looks like a fortress to me! What were they so afraid of, that they had to go outside armed to the teeth? (At least, nobody got shot this time.) I get the feeling that there's a lot more to this story.
  4. Sunny

    Mississippi changing state flag

    So Mississippi is removing the stars and bars from their flag. I'm wondering: what are they changing it to? Hopefully, something neutral.
  5. Sunny

    Lucky - an Excellent movie about an old guy

    I just finished watching this on Amazon Prime. The movie is a couple of years old, and is called "Lucky." It stars Harry Dean Stanton, who turned in a fantastic performance at about age 90, shortly before his death. It's a western, but not a typical one. The character he plays (just called...
  6. Sunny

    Lovely play, May 22, 2020

    This takes about an hour, and I thought it was worth it. It features monologues by 10 people, talking about how the virus has affected and changed their lives. The people in it are actors, but it says at the end that their stories were inspired by the stories of real people. It was produced by...
  7. Sunny

    Alexa and Google digital assistants?

    Does anybody have one of these neat little gadgets? I just got an Alexa Echo as a gift from my daughter, haven't set it up yet, but am about to. She has one, and when I visited her a few days ago, I had a lot of fun with it. You operate them by talking to them. "Alexa, play something by the...
  8. Sunny

    Ready for a laugh?

    This is not new, but I just discovered it, and it brightened up my morning! Lovers of Broadway, check this out:
  9. Sunny

    Fill in the lyrics

    Let's try this as a new game. Post a line from a (reasonably) well-known song, with a word, or several words, shown by dashes. The first person to fill in the dashes gets to post the next one. Here's the first one, very definitely country/western: Oh, the pain of _ _ _ _ _ ' _ _ _
  10. Sunny

    Grocery coronavirus deaths

    This is really sad. Probably a lot of the people who became ill desperately needed their jobs and couldn't afford to stay home.
  11. Sunny

    Why is testing so important?

    I keep reading and hearing about new and better tests, etc. The articles keep saying that we should aim at universal testing in this country. But for the life of me, I can't figure out what would be accomplished. Since we don't know whether having had the virus gives a person immunity, what...
  12. Sunny

    New hot spots

    FL, CA, and AL have prematurely reopened, it seems. Why am I not surprised?
  13. Sunny

    And the Darwin awards go to ....

    Too bad they shut this place down. What a great public demonstration of stupidity it would have been.
  14. Sunny

    Old cliches that you are sick of

    Most cliches are old because they contain a lot of truth, and have held up through lots of repetition over the years. But some of them are SO stale by now that they just set my teeth on edge, whether true or not. Do you have any old saws that you would not be sorry to have heard for the last time?
  15. Sunny

    Will you ever fly again?

    Until we have a very effective vaccine, there is no way most people will get on a plane now, not for anything that is optional. Planes have long been known as "petri dishes" for germs, and it's very commonplace for people to get colds, digestive illnesses, the flu, etc. from other people on a...
  16. Sunny

    Frightening brainwashing

    This is long, but worth reading.
  17. Sunny

    Covid-19 complication in children

    Good Lord, is there no end to this nightmare?
  18. Sunny

    Violence threatened over masks

    Well, I guess this was inevitable.
  19. Sunny

    Moving Andrea Bocelli concert

    This is a performance the blind tenor, Andrea Bocelli, gave (alone) in a Milan cathedral today. Don't miss it, especially the "Amazing Grace" ending showing all the empty cities. Heartbreaking but very beautiful.
  20. Sunny

    "Chinese virus - " yes or no? Usually I am a big fan of Bill Maher, but in this case, I think he's wrong. Any opinions about this?