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  1. Tommy Trouble

    Over the past few years, our USPS service has been very good. Informed Delivery has been a great help in managing our trips to our post office box. We receive mail both at our physical address and a PO box. Thank you USPS!
  2. Tommy

    Newbie - Just Retired

    Welcome tchrmgr! Shortly before my retirement, a wise friend who had retired a number of years earlier told me to expect it to take at least a year to adjust to my new situation. He was correct.
  3. Tommy

    Did any of you do this to your car?

    :D Wow, that chrome tissue dispenser below the glove compartment!! I'd forgotten about those. My '57 Buick Roadmaster had one.
  4. Tommy

    JULY 2020, Tell us about your Day... Happy Birthday to Canada & the Usa

    Looking back on my calendar, on July 3, 2019 I was scheduled to meet an old friend for brunch :LOL: Good to see you posting here Mike. What have YOU been up to?
  5. Tommy

    Train crew

    Classic! Thank you!
  6. Tommy

    Gun fire in the neighborhood!!!!

    I may be a tad jealous myself. I've thought about buying a flintlock or cap lock but am still a little intimidated by the cleaning process. :D
  7. Tommy

    Went to church yesterday

    Joy! Joy and gratitude! These are the feelings that are absolutely foremost in my own life as a Christian. Knowing that I never have nor ever will live up to God's expectations and yet, in spite of this, He truly loves me, has made provision for my forgiveness, and will never fail me...
  8. Tommy

    Did any of you do this to your car?

    I put heavy clear plastic seatcovers on a couple of my cars back in the day. Bought them from a company called Fingerhut. Like vinyl, they could get hot but they did an excellent job of protecting the seat fabric. The car in Pappy's picture does have seat belts but they wouldn't have been...
  9. Tommy

    My thoughts on now vs the beginning of Covid-19 and the younger generation

    Although there may be some merit to Becky's hypothesis, much of the increase in "cases" - that is, people who simply test positive for this coronavirus - can most likely be attributed to far more widespread testing in recent weeks. Looking at the most up to date numbers available from the CDC...
  10. Tommy

    I still remember this....

    "Before you say something, ask yourself 'Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?'. If you can't honestly answer 'yes' to at least two of these, then don't say it." My grandfather told me that. He also lived it. :)
  11. Tommy

    Acapella versions of songs.
  12. Tommy

    bad luck statues/ and ornaments .

    For me it's books. There are hundreds of books in our home. Many have been read several times, others are reference books, and still others I look forward to reading for the very first time. However ... it seems on occasion there are one, or two, or three that somehow find their way onto the...
  13. Tommy

    Today in History

    Welcome back, Pam. Missed you. :)
  14. Tommy

    Cataract op tomorrow

    Just a personal observation, but when I had mine done 7 or 8 years ago there was no swelling, no black eye. I didn't have to use drops or an eye shield; only sunglasses (which I still use religiously). They were done one month apart. My procedures were early in the day and afterward my wife...
  15. Tommy

    What is less than 7?

    I agree with C'est Moi. Perhaps there is a group of six individuals, some known to have the virus, others suspected but not yet confirmed. As a native midwesterner that's how I'd interpret it. I'm wondering why the person feels "it's not too much of a concern". :rolleyes:
  16. Tommy

    A heat wave in the northern hemisphere

    I refuse to complain about the heat. Just a few short months ago it was dark until mid-morning and then again by mid-afternoon. Even the shortest trip outside required putting on a parka, muffler, cap and gloves. Clearing snow in a brisk 10 degree (F) wind. Driving on icy roads. High...
  17. Tommy

    Introvert or Extrovert or a bit of both?

    Depends on the day and the circumstances.
  18. Tommy

    How "Old Fashioned" Are You?

    I don't know that reverence to God, patriotism, honesty, integrity, loyalty, personal responsibility, and kindness are "old fashioned but they are what I value regardless. I live in the present but find learning about the past to be both an enjoyable pursuit and a source for valuable lessons...
  19. Tommy

    Would You Go Against Your Friends or Relatives Doctors Orders?

    The term "doctors orders" is a misnomer. "Doctor's recommendations" would be more accurate. Doctors have no authority to "order" anything.
  20. Tommy

    NASCAR bans fans from flying the Confederate flag at races

    Very well said, Aunt Bea. Freedom of expression is very precious, even when we don't agree with the sentiments being expressed.