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  1. Manatee

    Don't shake hands!

    Instead hold up your right hand and say "HOW". It has worked for the Indians for many moons.
  2. Manatee

    Don't shake hands

    Do like a hollywood indian, hold up one hand and say "How".
  3. Manatee

    Folks without cars, how do you do it?

    I read a number of postings saying people do not have a car. How do you get home with bags of groceries? We go to different stores that are not close to each other for different things, such as food, hardware, medications, etc. We go to several different supermarkets at different times...
  4. Manatee

    I fail to understand:

    Wearing a hat backwards Ragpicker torn up jeans Scruffy beards Radios played so loud that they will ultimately injure hearing Will these people ever become adults?
  5. Manatee

    DIY jobs, do you handle them yourself?

    Do you make small improvements on your residence yourself. I have replaced all the doorknobs with lever handles and the light switches with"rocker" switches. I put in 4 ceiling fans and changed all the water faucets to the single handle type. These are all things to make it easier for us old...
  6. Manatee

    Do you wear a wrist watch?

    Many younger people would rather fish in their pocket for a cell phone. I wear a digital watch with a plastic strap. Metal straps irritate my skin.
  7. Manatee

    Over 80, Is it better alone or with someone?

    This was asked on a previous thread. This one is for the octogenarians. Would you remarry, cohabitate or stay single?
  8. Manatee

    What have you owned in the past that you wish you still had?

    I would like to have the sailboat that we had back in the 70s. It was only 12' long, but it went on and off the trailer easily and we really enjoyed sailing it. This is a really good area for boats.
  9. Manatee

    The older lady said on TV:

    "After your 80th birthday, any birthday that you are not under a headstone is a milestone." What do you think?
  10. Manatee

    Is San Juan still standing.

    We are considering a cruise with a stop in San Juan. We were last there in 1992 and really enjoyed it. How is the recovery in San Juan progressing? I have read that the rest of the island is still hurting.
  11. Manatee

    common sense information

    It needs to be mandatory that everyone post the state/province/country that they live in. We don't need your bank account information or credit card numbers, but it helps when folks ask questions that are climate/law/culture related.
  12. Manatee


    Has anyone been to Bermuda lately? My wife and I went there in 1960, I suspect it may have changed a bit over that period of time. Tourists were not permitted to rent/drive cars, They were only allowed to rent mopeds. They were fun, but you had to pay attention, they drive on the left and the...
  13. Manatee

    Skeet shooting on cruise ships

    Skeet shooting used to be a staple on cruise ships, but I have not seen it in years. I used to enjoy it.
  14. Manatee

    Grocery store food choices in different places.

    Many moons ago when we lived up north Entenman's bakeries made delicious rum cake. Once we left Long Island we never saw it again. Entenman's other cakes etc are widely available in many states. In Arizona we could buy Snap Pack puddings in Key Lime flavor. It is non-existent here in...
  15. Manatee

    Taste in TV shows, why there is more than one channel

    No politics here I get tired of TV shows set in either NY or L.A. Nothing could get me to live in either place and I prefer to see other places on the screen. How about a cop show based in Las Cruces NM, Nashville TN or Halifax NS? Tony Hillerman's excellent stories set on the Navajo...
  16. Manatee

    Life in the retirement community

    You know that you are ageing when the grey haired little old lady that you helped across the street was your wife.
  17. Manatee

    Ragged jeans and shorts

    I see a lot of people in the teen to thirties range wearing jeans or shorts that have ragged cuts in them. If they were mine I would put them immediately in the garbage. What I don't understand is why anyone would want to look like a rag picker from a third world landfill.
  18. Manatee

    Canadian Soldiers

    I was a little boy when we went to Canada in 1940. I was amazed to see soldiers wearing kilts. Do they still wear them?
  19. Manatee

    Travel in Europe?

    We are past the age where we want to visit Europe. Watching the news, we don't understand why anyone would want go there when there so many places to go that don't have the turmoil.
  20. Manatee

    ventless washer/dryer

    I have seen online ads for ventless washer/dryers, but I have never seen one on the hoof. If anyone has any experience with one I would like to know more about them. They wash and dry in the same tub and don't have a vent pipe like a regular dryer.