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    Who Cheated Who?

    They deserve each other.
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    I've been trying to give away cans of paint

    Well, is the paint still available. I might have to make a road trip..... ;)
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    Space In only 66 years. Technology heats up. What is technology like to you?

    The fact is, we can be tracked every minute of the day.... :unsure: I appreciate computers. I still work, and I enter data on computers.... I can't imagine putting all that information on paper forms and having to change everything for just one little number change. :geek: The first...
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    Junk from the cellar

    There are people who would love these.... for making fermented foods.... like sauerkraut or beer.... My dad had a large crock for making homebrew.
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    Are you a postage stamp?

    I like being in my little corner of the world..... sometimes....but I am not stuck here.... I hope the day never comes when I am stuck with no where to go. I personally like stamps on passports!
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    Around my nearest hamlets and Country lanes

    I would said, "quaint"....attractively unusual or old-fashioned:"quaint country cottages"synonymspicturesque, charming, sweet, attractive, pleasantly old-fashioned, old-fashioned, old-world,
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    Our parent's sayings

    My mom used to say.... "Whatever you did to get mad, just do it again and get glad."
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    I am dying in this heat, is it unseasonably hot where you are?

    It is humid in my part of the world.... Hot is one thing, but add humidity and the sweat just pours off......
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    CNN is starting to say we may need to wear face shields and goggles as well

    I still work some.... I bought an air filtration system to put in my office. It is supposed to be as effective as masks. I can't imagine working all day and wearing a mask the whole time.
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    Hello Everyone

    <waves> I haven't been here long, but every "trip" here is enjoyable. We have some common interests.....
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    It is a new chapter....

    I don't know if I posted already that I purchased a pressure canner. This has been a learning experience, which just shows you that and old dog can learn new tricks. In the past, I always used water canners. I have tried pressure canning so many new items in the past month.... I canned...
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    It is a new chapter....

    Thank you for your sincere thoughts for my family.... my sister is doing well. I, on the other hand, am very tired. I had the grandkids all week, well, two of them. We tent camped.... and it has rained. But, we were able to swim in the lake, fish, walk trails, and eat lots of food. We...
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    What was the most pointless thing your school made you do?

    That needs to be it's own posting.
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    If money wasn’t an issue ....

    Sometimes I really get tired of watching where this world is going. Living in a bubble like that.... not having to worry about liars, cheaters, murders, and someone stealing from you..... it would have to be peaceful.... and just turn OFF of the news casters and their fake news.
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    How important to you is your computer?

    It was my lifeline (along with the cell phone) during the worst of the pandemic. The worst is over, right?
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    If money wasn’t an issue ....

    yes, just yes.
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    Playing card games online.

    I don't play cards, but I am addicted to sudoku
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    It is a new chapter....

    These days just keep rolling by.... Staying home most of the time, but sometimes duty calls. My BIL has been very ill for months. He passed this morning. I talked with him yesterday as they had made the decision to have hospice come in for his final days. When I entered the house...