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  1. Treacle

    Does anyone believe in serendipity or something else that aims to move us forward and/or gives us direction or comfort?

    When my dear Austrian brother passed over last September unexpectedly ( and what makes it's worse is that his daughter and wife believe the doctors and hospital made a mistake and they are seeking full disclosure about the medical treatment etc.) , he was my connection with mum (for some of...
  2. Treacle

    Apple and pear tree leaves look miserable.

    I have a patio size pear and apple tree. I got them this year. The leaves on the apple tree have curled and gone brown. I sprayed because of aphids which I read can cause leaves to curl. The pear tree I also sprayed but some of the leaves have some brown on them. It's the first time I've tried...
  3. Treacle

    Economic boost or virus spike?

    Today the government has rolled out : Eat Out to Help Out – 50% off voucher. Every single person in the UK will receive a 50% off voucher as part of the Government’s attempts to boost the hard-hit hospitality sector in the hope of rescuing millions of jobs within the sector. The new Eat Out to...
  4. Treacle

    Has anyone had to deal with noisy neighbours?

    My neighbours are really loud. They choose to shout to one other from one end of the garden to the other. The children scream and scream and the mother is always calling the boy for something, telling him off or ? They have made the garden into , what I would describe as a theme park. I know...
  5. Treacle

    Does anyone suffer from Rosacea?

    I suffer from Rosacea as did my brother. Would like to know what others use that might be effective. I use a cream at night called Dermalex Rosacea treatment. Any suggestions appreciated.
  6. Treacle

    Words in English in dialects/language that have the same meaning

    Not sure I've made the right heading but here goes. Reading some of the posts I notice the use of English words that are the same object/thing etc etc but the words differ So I just saw : Rebounder = Trampoline Old cheese = mature cheddar Sorry Pinky I let myself down on that...
  7. Treacle

    What cheeses would you put on your cheese platter?

    Choose up to five of your favourite cheeses that you would put on a cheese board. You can add a wine , fruit ,crackers or bread. Austrian smoked (naturally) ;) Camembert Red Leicester Port Salut Brie Cabernet Sauvignon French bread stick Black grapes No blue cheeses for me :sick:
  8. Treacle

    Owl or Lark

    I have never been an early morning person. When I worked I had to get up early but it never felt comfortable. In my studying days I would work 'till the early hours of the morning. I do neither now. I probably get up between 9-10 and go to bed about 11-12. I also do not use an alarm clock which...
  9. Treacle

    Grey, greyish, white, whitish or colour ?

    Since the lock down I have not bothered to colour my hair. I don't go to the hairdressers but my o/h helps with those non permanent colouring applications. It's worked ok for many a year. But now I'm wondering whether I should let nature takes it course. My sister is reluctant to do that for...
  10. Treacle

    Quirky kitchen items

    I love my egg friars ('scuse the pun'). Had it for years. It is a task to fit the right size of egg into the right size friar which adds to the fun (hearing a chorus of get a life Treacle) :LOL: It just cheers me up seeing their bald heads. It just makes me :D
  11. Treacle

    Do you write a diary, journal ,notebook ?

    I write a diary everyday with the UK and World news and also the newspaper headlines. I have been doing this for the last 6 years and boy is it interesting to read what various Governments said they would do and what they really have done. Also reflecting on changes in world concerns and what...
  12. Treacle

    Guess the old adverts and add yours

    Here's a few for now. ☺
  13. Treacle

    Cup or Mug?

    My grandmother always drank from a cup with a saucer (bone china I might add). We may have been working -class but we had standards. ☺ We children did the same. Can't remember when I started drinking from a mug. But it seems to me that a cup and saucer was for tea and mugs for coffee. Would...
  14. Treacle

    Some favourite toys you had as a child

    How things have changed with technology. Some things can still be bought - Yo Yos and french knitting 'dolls', my grandfather banged four nails into a cotton reel - not a safety issue then !!!!!!! o_O
  15. Treacle

    e-scooters - fear or fun?

    Just read some news that our government is set to make rental e-scooters legal on UK roads from Saturday but not private e-scooters. An attempt to ease pressure on public transport amid the coronoavirus. Helmets must be worn and vehicle speed limited to 15mph. It noted that Electric scooters for...
  16. Treacle

    Funny photo mishaps??

    A friend sent me these and I just thought it was interesting how photos can turn out not as one intended ??☺
  17. Treacle

    Sweets you had as a child

    Now that most shops are opening, it came to mind the newsagents near me that sold, what I would describe, as sweets from the past those big glass/plastic jars. These are some I can remember from my childhood. Don't think some of them are made now. fruit salad black jacks helter skelters...
  18. Treacle

    Researching your family history, a positive pursuit or a definite no no?

    For over 30 years I researched the Austrian side of my family. If my grandmother had decided to revert back to her maiden name I would have found her and I would know all about my mum and she would have seen her grandchildren for the first time in her life. But the good news is I found a distant...
  19. Treacle

    Introvert or Extrovert or a bit of both?

    I consider myself an introvert. I don't like socialising although I can meet on a one to one basis. Social chit- chat is something I find difficult to indulge in. I don't like being in groups and really prefer my own company. On a positive note I love to learn and can be in that type of...
  20. Treacle

    One person or action in your childhood that has a positive memory.

    Some of us had a pretty bad childhood but I always find something positive whether a person or action. So my English grandfather, who raised me and my siblings with my grandmother , is the person who was always kind, gentle, sensitive and extremely hard working. He was up at 6 am and back from...