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  1. mike4lorie

    Have I been pwned

    I have a small app on the computer which I run every few months... I will have a look for it, and post it on here if YOU would like...
  2. mike4lorie

    VPN Do use one?

    Yes, I use one, I bought 3-year term with NordVPN... Use it on my computer, Cell Phones, and television... No complaints of yet...
  3. mike4lorie

    What Did You Have on Your Last Sandwich?

    If you only saw what the roast looked like @ Arby's before it was cooked... Once upon a time, I was in charge of Maintenance there, 51 stores... The last sandwich I had was Skippy Peanutbutter with homemade strawberry jam...
  4. mike4lorie

    New "kid"

    G'day P
  5. mike4lorie

    July 2019 ~ Please Share your Day...

    Good Morning Ladies and Gents... Well didn't do anything like I planned yesterday. Ended up cutting the crass, and about 1/2 of the weed whacking. No close line moved.. and looks like rain today, so doubtful it's going to happen today. Might climb under sunroom, and put another 6X6 under one...
  6. mike4lorie

    What Was The Last Thing That Made You Smile?

    When Lorie returned from her Girls Weekend, watching our Pups get all excited on Mom's return...
  7. mike4lorie

    Pictures of anything purple

  8. mike4lorie

    Picture Words

  9. mike4lorie

    Moon Me

    The Bold and Moon
  10. mike4lorie

    Name, Place, Animal and Thing

    Heather ~ Halifax ~ Horse ~ Hamburger I
  11. mike4lorie

    Two Words - Using UP for the last word

    Grooving Up H
  12. mike4lorie

    Three Letters = Three Words...

    Bonnie Owns Penguins KLI
  13. mike4lorie

    Words Ending with the Letter "N"

    Qualification R
  14. mike4lorie

    We're Going On A Picnic A-Z

    Meat slices N
  15. mike4lorie

    A to Z Things You Find at Wal Mart

    Marshmallows N
  16. mike4lorie

    Brown Pictures

  17. mike4lorie

    Alphabetic Words Ending with "IC"

    Quadradic R
  18. mike4lorie

    2+ Vowels Word Game

    Foodfight G