Pretty cool. Is she the first to vote from space?

US astronaut will vote from orbit if homecoming is delayed

Source: AP & Phys.Org

The lone American in orbit will end up voting for president from the International Space Station, if her homecoming is delayed.

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins said Thursday that she doesn't know yet whether she'll return to Earth in late October as planned. The Russians have delayed the next crew launch for technical reasons. It was supposed to take place Friday, but it's off for at least a month.
Rubins and her two crewmates—a Russian and Japanese—can't come home until the next three-person crew arrives. NASA likes to have an overlap of several days, if not more.

Rubins told The Associated Press she got an absentee ballot before she rocketed away in July, just in case. When she's not in space, home is Houston, Texas, but in this case, the absentee ballot lists her address as "low-Earth orbit."

"It's very incredible that we're able to vote from up here," she said, "and I think it's incredibly important for us to vote in all of the elections."

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