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FCC to consider allowing cell phone calls on flights

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    FCC to consider allowing cell phone calls on flights

    Oh Gawd!!!! I cant wait for this to happen....ROFL

    If some seat passingers think Im giving up my armrest so they can continue yapping for 2 hours while sitting inches from me,they got another think coming.

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    Did you know? ..over forty years ago, first cell phone... April 1973.

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    Oh Joy ! Now not only do we have to deal with the stranger in the next seats fat spillage. Now we gotta listen to his personal telephone conversations ? Can air travel get any freakin worse? Wait, I take that back, of course it can.

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    Folks have to take their flip flops off and run through a scanner.
    Granny wearing depends gets felt up.
    Old auntie gets knitting needles taken away.
    Large breasted lady gets stripped searched because her wire support set of alarm.
    I guess airplanes are secured to the point these devices that can be used to set off bombs or whatever are allowed on planes.

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    We had a discussion about this yesterday in the Chit Chat thread if anyone is interested to see other opinions

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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