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Is diabetes diagnosis REAL?

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    Mine took a few years to manifest itself with steadily increasing glucose levels. I just had it tested today again and my A1C was normal but my glucose test was not. Make sure to eat the right foods like lots of non starch veggies, lower carbs. I had to see a diabetes educator. She helped me and showed me how to use the meter, too. Diabetes is nothing to fool with so educate yourself well and try to eat right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgp View Post
    If your talking to me?....Yes i have done all that....
    No, I wasn't talking to you.

    “The United States has become a place where entertainers and professional athletes are mistaken for people of importance.” -- Robert Heinlein

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    I agree with whar C'est Moi said (as I often do, lol) The main thing I suggest, and I've been managing mine successfully for the\ last 25 years, about 20 0f them on insulin, with no complications. is to find a health professional you trust and work with him or her. If there is doubt, get retested.I keep records like gennie does. symptoms at onset can include excessive thirst, freq urination, sometimes blurred vision. High pain or stress levels can sometimes increase blood sugar. It does take some self discipline to balance the carbs.
    If you have a meter and strips, and lancing device & I hope you have insurance to cover the strips, they are expensive, if you don't know how to use it, you could ask your pharmacist, and most of them are willing to help. My endocrinologist showed me all that in the beginning, and for many years now I just see primary care doc periodically.
    Ive done well cost-wise for the last couple of years using Walmart ReliOn Novolin 70/30 insulin.
    I really feel bad for the folks who have lost their faith in drs. Overall, I'm waaaaaaaay better for the care I've received over many years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patnono View Post
    Thanks, Ive been trying to learn how to use it. But can't get anyone to show me how? The doctor wouldn't because she said I didn't need to. I diid have my Ac1 tested I believe? Even after that, my doctor wants to get me retested.
    Your doctor may not want to bother with meter instructions. My doctor didn't even show me how to inject insulin; my sister did. Doctors today seem to only be concerned with how many patients they can see per hour.
    When you get the meter & test strips, (no prescription needed) just allow some time, relax, read the instructions & go step-by-step. It seems complicated but it's really simple.
    Test AM after not eating for around 8 hours - normal is under 100. "Pre Diabetes" is considered 101-125. "Diabetes" is considered 126 & above. But one test isn't enough. An average of 3 or more is more meaningful.
    Test 2 hours after a meal, 140 & below is normal for most people. A high carb or high sugar meal - may get a higher number; I've tested non diabetics at their request after meals & some were around 150. Write results & food consumed. That will give you an idea of what foods to limit & which ones to eat more of. Some diabetics can get away with foods that spike blood sugar in others. Most people will get blood sugar spikes from processed carbs, like bread, pasta, etc. as well as the obvious ones - cookies, ice cream, etc.

    Take the results and your meter to your doctor at your next visit; then he'll have some info to work with. Your meter stores results & will have a port so the doctor can load & print out your numbers.

    By the way, meters are cheap, test strips are not. BUT, I just found a great meter and INEXPENSIVE test strips: "Embrace" meter - $6.99 & 100 Embrace test strips: $17.49. Normally, test strips are $150.00/100. I got mine from "Total Diabetes Supply." I tested against my expensive "One Touch Verio" test strips. Exactly the same results. And, the Embrace is a talking meter (which you can shut off if you want to).

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    Medicare and/or my supplemental insurance pays for lancets and test strips. I pay nothing, but you're correct that the cost of the strips is quite high if one has to pay for them.

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    I was diagnosed about 2 years after our bad car accident, and I was and am on some pretty potent narcs for pain, Most of my doctors said my diabetes came from the drugs I am on. One day I woke up, and told Lorie (wife) I had to get to the hospital, that I thought I was dying or going to have a heart attack. Luckly there is one in our small town. Got me there, and in Emergency, they checked my heart which they said was perfect, took some blood. Came back what seemed like hours, and asked me if I was a diabetic... I said No, and they said I be thinking you are...

    Sugar was 36.. When it was suppose to be between 4.6 to 6.4... Put me on Metformin, twice a day... Did a great job, the odd time I would I have sugar highs, or lows. Sugar highs made me sleepy, and sugar lows made me Bitchy..

    Just lately, My gut was always so sensitive, not feeling well etc. Told my Diabetic doctor (always forget proper name) She took me of Metformin a month ago, put me on this new drug called SITAGLIPTIN better known as Januvia 100mg. My diabetes has been perfect, and I have never felt this good with the diabetes before... Ask about it if Metformin is causing you problems.. Well worth it...
    Don't look at me in that Tone...

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