A house by the sea?

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Pladda and the south coast of Arran
A tiny Scottish island in the Firth of Clyde has gone on sale for £350,000.
The isle of Pladda, off the coast of Arran, includes a five-bedroom house, a helipad and lighthouse dating back to the 1790s.
It has an asking price that could buy a three-bedroom flat in Glasgow or Edinburgh. It is well below the average price of a London property at £536,000.
The 28 acre island has been empty for several years and needs renovation before it can be lived on again.


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There's a program on HGTV called 'You Live In What' where people will buy old churches, fire stations, lighthouses and fix them up to live there. The last episode had a light house someone had bought, If I remember correctly it had 4 levels.

It's so neat to see what each individual does w/their new place, and how they transform it in to living spaces. They're all so unique in their own way.


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You could have all the big dogs you wanted with no neighbors complaining and no fencing required.
Telemarketers probably couldn't reach you.

On the other hand; as Holly said, it would be hard to get help in an emergency.
Probably no internet or cable.

I would want this and the flat in Edinburgh.


There's almost nothing I'd like more than to live by the sea... but that ain't it. It looks barren and desolate. I prefer a sandy, not a rocky, shoreline. And I don't want to have to take a boat, plane, or helicopter to get to and from my home. And I don't want to grow rocks, I want to grow vegetables.

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Not for me.. that remote Island home.. can you imagine needing to get to a hospital in a hurry on a Stormy Scottish November night... nay.. week... :ROFLMAO:
In my imagination, it would be a lovely place to live, and I'd love the only way to travel being by boat. My imagination always disregards reality and sometimes it doesn't know the reality of a situation.

Like the time I wanted a big chicken coop and told my husband, no worries about the chickens getting cold in winter. We'd just let them live in the basement. Never got the chickens.