A Pair of Seniors Showing Those Youngins How to Really Rock Out the Joint! Old School Baby!!

Heaven, absolute heaven, I would have loved to do that but I married a boy that did not dance even though his Dad danced competion when he was a young man. At least I got to have fun at the family weddings with FIL.
Nellia & Dietmar are very well known on the dance circuit. Somewhere I heard that they have, or had, their own dance school.
Take a look at this video of them, look closely at Dietmar's jacket. Can you see the pleats and half belt? I have something similar.
I'm tempted to post one of our videos of us in old age. We can't do the gymnastic lifts we once did, due to our joint replacements, my hip and her knee, but we can still bring a smile as an audience watches an old couple jiving.