Acupuncture treatment for back pain


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I am new to this forum. I am here to know about some information about acupuncture treatment.

Coming to the point, I am writing this for my mother. She has been facing back pain for many weeks after falling from stairs. She tried many natural remedies like ginger oil massage. But it didn't help her. One of her friends told her to try acupuncture treatment. I was also hearing about this treatment for the first time. I saw some pictures of this on the internet. I showed it to my mother. She is really scared. Because it is a treatment with needles!

Anyway, her friend has consoled her that she will not get hurt. My mother has decided to do acupuncture treatment from a clinic here in Mississauga. Had anyone tried this treatment here? How was your experience? Do you get any effective results? Was it painful? Please share your experiences.


I've had acupuncture many times throughout my life. It is not a painful experience; on the contrary, I found it surprisingly relaxing. Sometimes it has helped a lot, sometimes not so much, depending on what I was using it for.

If your mother is experiencing back pain, I would also suggest that she find a good and reputable chiropractor. I've had back pain most of of my life as a result of a bad car collision when I was 16. The pain comes and goes. I've had wonderful results from chiropractic treatment for pain relief. The trick is to find an experienced chiropractor who knows his stuff and doesn't believe a lot of "woo-woo" stuff. Chiropractic care is really only another form of physical therapy and can be extremely effective for back pain. It isn't painful or scary.


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I have had it. Felt that it was just starting to have some positive effect when the practitioner relocated .

It did/does, not hurt at all. At this place ya even got a cup of hot tea, and some Chinese cookies in the waiting room........yum,yum.