Ad Blocker won't let me in certain Web pages


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I have uBlock Origin and it worked fine for a while, but for the last couple of days I am being prevented access to more and more Web pages. I even tried to disable the blocker and I still see this when I go to the page:

Is there a work-around for this?

Don M.

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central Missouri
I don't know about UBlock, but I have been using ABP(Ad Block Plus), for years, with minimal "inconvenience". It's free, and easy to disable/re-enable if I go to a site that won't respond with ABP active. Try it, it's free and easy.


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I don't want to see ads - they are distracting when attempting to play a timed game or such. Can't have it both ways I guess - block the ads and access to Web page.


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When you get the information that you require
to allow a website to show ads when you visit,
the ads are only shown at the beginning, not
while you are playing a game, I do the same for
a crossword area in a newspaper.