Animal Humour



I am sorry it offended you, but I can tell you that none of the Deer were harmed
The dog wasn't harmed ,the dog's owner on the other hand was embarrassed
two fold his dog chasing the Deer and his son put it on YouTube

@pathfinder, I did not make myself clear. It was the man using Jesus’ name in such an angry manner I found offensive. I realize not everyone on this site is a Christian and it’s so common for a lot of people to say Jesus’ name when they are upset but to hear my Saviors name used like that just breaks my heart. I honestly couldn’t even tell from the video that a dog was chasing the deer.

My neighbor used to have a Newfoundland that would do that -- just plop down and refuse to move. He would have a heck of a time getting that dog to get up. Newfies are huge dogs and it's not like you can just pick them up and carry them home. All the neighbors found it quite entertaining (we are easily amused).