Any suggestion for Canadian holiday?


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Dallas, TX
I agree with @MrPants re: Niagara On The Lake. It is absolutely beautiful. I attended a conference there and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hard to go wrong with Canada in general. Vancouver and Montreal are also beautiful cities to visit during the summer/fall. If you stay in Vancouver, you can visit Victoria by ferry during the day. If you like to be outdoors, Butchart Gardens is amazing.

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When I only saw the title, and didn't notice poster's location, I initially thought it meant Canada doesn't have enough holidays so let's make up some more for them!! :oops::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
I never thought about that. We Brits call all breaks, 'holidays' and don't normally use the term 'vacation'.
Flying is the obvious way to get there (Toronto, Montreal or Quebec) so the East coast would be preferred.
A couple of my friends from way back emigrated to Toronto and became moderately successful rock musicians. One later decamped to Nevada and the other went 'back to his roots' and I think is still based in Toronto and is active on the folk music circuit. I also have a niece who is a doctor in Calgary - but that's a long way west.

Anyway thanks for the suggestions and the photos. We try to avoid the places that are tourist traps and go to less frequented spots. Years ago we made a road trip across the north USA and stayed in small towns. It was great because people were generally helpful and intrigued
by a family of Brits turning up.

Y'all have me wanting to go to Canada now. One of my dream trips is to take the travel trailer (caravan) and spend a whole summer driving from end to end... Can't sell the wife on the idea though.

@JaniceM I also first thought that this was asking for new Canadian holidays, American meaning. I suppose we could all use more holidays, by either the American or British definition.


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My favorite part of Canada is the Maritimes in the east, especially the islands - Nova Scotia, Prince Edward. As for cities, it would be Quebec. if you're thinking road trip, start at Quebec and drive east around the Gaspe Peninsula. Spectacular scenery, lots of quaint fishing villages.


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When I lived in Cleveland, we took the kids and visited Ontario a number of times during the summer. We stayed right at the Falls in a beautiful hotel that overlooked the Falls. In the winter when the Falls froze over, they would shine color lights on it. It was a beautiful sight.