Are you a dog person, or a cat person?


I've always been able to communicate easier with my dogs. ...... but I don't dislike cats!



Dog person.
Used to like cats too...but now all they do is pee on me. Rescued a cat out of my tree a couple of years ago, and while driving her to a vet's office , she peed in my car???? I guess she was mad at me. :confused:

I need a pet to protect me, and a dog is more likely to do that.


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I adore dogs. To me dogs are just about the best thing in life. I've had an Irish Setter, a Bearded Collie, several mutts, and I'm on my second Dachshund ( if you want to talk borking there's your gold medalists) so I've never considered myself a cat person. However. Our cat, who died two years ago this Thanksgiving, wormed it's way into my heart so much that by the time he died of old age and diabetes, I was shattered and my dachshund and I still haven't got over it.
When my kids were little I was that dad who said Yes every time they said "Can we keep him?" So I've had both cats and dogs and sometimes both at the same time. I thought I didn't care much for cats until my sons found a tiny kitten scared to death in the middle of the road on their way home from school - one of those Can we keep him? deals. It had a gaping wound on its belly but while cleaning it up I saw that some of its innards were exposed, but they appeared to be intact. I couldn't afford a vet at the time so I just held him under the kitchen faucet to rinse all the maggots out of it, wrapped it kind of tightly with gauze and waited to see what would happen. We had "Patch" til he died of old age 13 or so years later. He made me like cats as much as dogs.


I've never met an animal I didn't like, so I'm just an animal person.
If you really look closely, all animals are lovable in their own way.
Ditto. I love all animals and love cats and dogs pretty much equally. Since the leash law for dogs was introduced in the 1980's I've found cats are easier to care for because you don't have to walk them in the rain or in sub zero temps.


Definitely a dog person. I loved Sunny (the real Sunny, not a pen name like mine), who was my wonderful golden retriever.

We owned a few cats also, as our kids loved them. But we never really fell in love with them, the way we did with the dogs, particularly Sunny. My kids and grandkids all have cats now, and most of them also have dogs. Many of the pets come to our weekly zoom meetings.


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I don't want to offend anybody who love cats,I tolerate them
I'm a life long dog lover,growing up in our family we had different breeds e.g mix beagle,Irish Setter,English Cocker Spaniel,Vizsla{ my dad liked to hunt},sadly she was prone to seizures which he didn't know when he bought her, otherwise she was a loving dog,golden retreiver
My 2 favorites are labradors,golden retrievers,our last family dog was a golden we had her for 13yrs. My brother always has had retrievers. My close friends Marcia&Dave,their family dog which belongs to their son Dave,Jr 'Aker' aka my 'buddy boy' is a pharoh hound


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I have had both. Dogs are more work but good for protection if they are at least medium size - like collie/german shepard. More recent with me are cats and last one (part tabby/maine coone) died 2 yrs ago. Hubby is allergic to cats so no more cats (he is really a dog person). To answer the question though - I am a cat person but would love a dog too if it got along with the cat.