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Love this
The Western Lifestyle is a painting by Chuck Black which was uploaded on March 10th, 2020.


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@Lara Yes thank you! How did you know? I tried clicking on the picture for a clue and couldn't find any.

@Remy ...Click on the word IMAGE on Google's homepage which appears in the upper left corner of Google's page.

...It will open a CAMERA icon in the SEARCH BOX. Click on the CAMERA.

...PASTE the URL OR DRAG THE IMAGE there as you hold down your cursor on the image

...If you don't find the artists name right away then click on your small image there. It will open multiple choices of websites that may give you your answer (and sometimes you never get an answer).


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Credit: Emma Towers-Evans, a hyperrealist pencil artist who writes:

My intention with this piece was to visualise the sensation of serious anxiety. The piece is called Helix - the shape of a helix reminding me viscerally of the feeling I get in my body when I’m having a panic attack. And the form of a helix features at various compositional levels throughout the drawing.