Article: Right-to-Dry (Clothes Outside) Laws

It was never a problem when I was a kid...

I’m not aware of any rules pointing to that…..where I now live…..a 4 story apartment…..I see others using a drying rack on their balcony…..I’ve done the same since I moved here June 19 of this year.
Haven’t had any…..Do not…..notices, so, it must be okay.
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There were no or not many dryers back then.

Mine too. I’m fine with it. They wouldn’t crack down if someone hung out the occasional item.
We lived in a tenement for part of my was in a very nice area.. red sandstone.. but everyone had to share the same drying green.. similar to this....
no clothes hanging from windows.. as they did in the less salubrious tenements in the south or East of the city .

We lived on the top floor so my mother had 8 flights of stairs to climb down and back up with wet washing... and each household had to be quick to use the drying green before anyone else got it.. and with 6 of us my mother had to use it a lot.

We also had one of these on our kitchen ceiling for wet days..

I've noticed where I live that with the building of apartments up to 26 stories, more and more people are hanging their washing from balconies. It doesn't look the best but what are they supposed to do? There is a house near me with about 6 Indian boys living in it and they place all their washing on the floor of the verandah. out front, I don't think they have heard of soap as everything has a grey tinge to it, and they have certainly not heard of pegs.
As I stated in another post, our co-op has clotheslines on our premises. There are two sets on opposite sides of the courtyard. I never have used them and have no intention of starting. I prefer machine drying and have an electric dryer in my apartment.
I would not live in an area so controlling. What I do with my house or in my yard is my business (within certain limitations. Telling me What I can and can't do in it ,or what color my house can be or what I can and cannot plant in it is going way too far with the whole conformity BS. Thanks be I don't have to deal with that nonsense!
I sit on my balcony and have a beautiful view of the courtyard. I can’t imagine looking at everyone’s laundry. The buildings are in a u shape.

If you enclose your balcony or patio to make it an inside room you can use a drying rack because technically it’s inside your condo. In a housing development it would be a ridiculous rule. So it depends on the situation.
We have a gas dryer but my wife and our daughter both use the clothesline from time to time. It runs from the backporch to an old maple tree. It's a pulley line which allows you to hang and take down the clothes without leaving the porch.

The original hook on the porch and on the tree were there when I was a kid. The tree has grown over the wire holding the tree hook. lol The lines and pulleys have been replaced many times over the years. Looks like it'll still be in service long after I'm gone.