Bad UK Cyclists to be Treated the same as Bad Car drivers


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If the law can be changed, they are working on it!

If a cyclist kills a pedestrian, all he/she can get now,
is 2 years jail, this is poor for destroying a person and
their family.
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yes I read it in the papers this morning Mike. Cyclists are a menace in this country.. they have no requirement for Insurance.. and they drive dangerously, and on the pavemants as well.. and that's no even including E-scooters... It's about time they wee made to register for Insurance and a regustration number plate so they can be traces as Car drivers are now.. too much leeway is given to cyclists on our roads by our local MP Grant Schapps.. he's he's a cycling fanatic..

Aunt Bea

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IMO traffic laws and penalties should be the same for any vehicle on a public road.

It shouldn't matter whether it's an automobile, farm vehicle, bicycle, etc...

In my area, the weekend cycle groups are the most unnerving and IMO most dangerous.


Never really thought about it, but I cannot see any reason to treat cyclists any different from other drivers.

I think the risk of a cyclist killing a person is low, but when it happens it should be the same as for a driver of a car. I suspect liability insurance would be cheap, but requiring it only makes sense. I may check with my insurance carrier, but I suspect I am already covered through homeowner's or the umbrella policy... not sure.


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If I am caught over the drink drive limit on my Powered wheelchair I lose my car licence in the normal way, and the limit is a lot lower in Scotland than it is in England!

No reason why cyclists should not be treated the same way.

I can also get a ticket for due can attention or ignoring a red light at a crossing and so on:

In the UK that could be a driving ban.