Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader?


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I had a very early version of the Barnes & Noble Nook reader that still works fine, but I passed it along to my grandson because I was using a tablet as an e-reader. The tablet is backlit, the Nook was not. My aging eyes now demand a backlit background.

Well, after six years of heavy use and faithful service my Toshiba tablet is dying - the plug-in port is wonky and the battery won't take or hold a charge. Unfortunately, Toshiba no longer makes consumer electronics of this type and I can't get a replacement battery.

Looks like it's time for a new one. I'm leaning toward a 10" Nook rather than a Kindle, mostly because I don't want Amazon any deeper in my bizness than it already is. Virtually everything I read electronically has been checked out of my public library and in a non-Kindle version, so I've cut Amazon out of that loop.

Can anyone offer advice or reviews on the newer B & N Nooks?


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I only have a Kindle, which I do not often use for reading. I am more a paper book reader. I really wish I could get used to the e-reader.
No sarcasm intended, but I thought they stopped making the Nook. Or am I wrong?


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I have a Barnes and Noble Reader....It's 5 years old...
I wouldn't buy another one until something happens to it. The cover finally came apart...But I can still read....


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I have a kobo. It’s back- lit and the letterhead is adjustable.