Bed Tussle

Now that I have your attention, today was "change the bed sheets" day. Never had I had so much effort to do so. I have posted before about how sunken the mattress is. I took off the mattress cover to look at it and there are two holes. I am surprised there weren't springs poking through. Makes me think twice about buying another innerspring, although some say innerspring is the best for heavy people. No good turning the mattress over, either, it's worse on the other side. Not only that, but the underside of the mattress cover had disintegrated and there were pieces of shredded up plastic all over, so I just cut the plastic lining off. I folded a towel and placed it over the most sunken area. The sheet holders , you know that look like stocking garters, one was broken, good thing I have extras on hand. I hope I can get along until the bedding stores re-open. I'll have to get a new mattress cover, too.


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You could get one of those foam toppers. Or what I did was got a cheap foam topper, cut a piece bigger than the hole and stuffed it inside between the cover and the springs. I need a new mattress too.