Been Starting to Buy Kefir Again, For a Healthy Snack


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For years, especially while still working, I bought a lot of yogurt, for lunch at work and snacks at home. At home I would just go with a plain Greek yogurt and add lemon juice and raw honey to it as a healthy snack, also for Probiotic benefits, healthy gut flora. I stopped eating yogurt, just got tired of it.

Just got back into buying Kefir, it comes in many flavors and also has Probiotics. I try to get the organic when available, but will buy the regular when I have to. Today I bought some peach, and it did not come in organic. I always buy the low fat version, as opposed to the one made from whole milk.

We were eating a lot of ice cream at home for awhile, and decided to buy more fruit and healthier snacks items to take its place. Also bought some strawberries, mangoes and pears today. We pour the Kefir into a small glass, maybe the size of a small wine glass, and sip it, tastes good. Those who hate yogurt probably wouldn't like it though.

Anyone here drink Kefir?



I was on a kefir kick for a good while. My grandson too, when he lived here.

I bought the flavored kind, not because I wanted sweet, but I can't handle sour very well, except for sour cream. It's good,

It got expensive too, and bored with it by then, I stopped. I'm too scared to make my own. I don't want to go messing with bacteria or microbes or whatever they are. :confused:


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I don't like the taste, but I have started taking Kefir pills instead. They are rather large and difficult to swallow! I do like Kambucha, which is also supposed to be very good for the gut.