Brands that no longer exist


A little insight re: Pier One for anyone who is interested. My partner was a manager for several Pier One stores for 15 years. He was Manager of the Year for the Southeast Region in South Florida, and when we moved to Dallas they gave him a store a few miles from our house. Pier One was based in Fort Worth. The CEO at the time visited all the stores, asked the employees about their interactions with customers and welcomed their input. He was the CEO when Pier One was at their peak. My partner introduced him to Laura Bush when she visited the store on one occasion.

He was replaced by a CEO that spent all his time in the Ivory Tower and was isolated from the everyday operations. He chose to remove Pier One's online presence when every other company was establishing one. He could have cared less about the everyday operations. Employees were required to work overtime to stock the shelves after they worked regular hours on the sales floor.

I told my partner to leave at 50 y/o because he was miserable and still young enough to establish a new career. He now works for a non-profit organization. The hours are great, he is appreciated, and he feels fulfilled.

Pier One is a sad case of management not listening to employees or customers, resulting in becoming irrelevant. That is the probably the same with many of the companies that have gone under.
We used to have a Pier 1 here, which I loved, but Kirkland's and Hobby Lobby have pretty much taken up the slack. But Pier 1 was my go to store for vases and flower pots, baskets, candle "stuff", and unique glassware. The furniture and rugs were a little above my price range, but I did love looking at them. Anyway...I miss Pier 1.



Brands that no longer exist​

That was my go to store for tools
The best

Then, they sold the Craftsman name
Then, those tools became less than good
Even the name on the tools were inferior

Then Sears shut down
I no longer cared
My house has a very active sump pump and I usually get about a year out of the pump. For over twenty years I used Craftsman pumps from Sears because they were guarunteed for life, I wouldn't even wait for the pump to fail, I would just return it when it got close to a year old and they would give me a new one. I miss that.

Gary O'

I don't know about the warranty or quality now but Lowe's and Ace Hardware here now carry Craftsman brand tools......haven't checked but I'd be willing to bet that the quality is not as good now.
Yeah, I doubt it.
They're surely not the Craftsman we knew
I've gone to the Husky name (Home Depot) for hand tools
Ridgid for power tools
Ryobi ain't too bad either
If I return anything to Home Depot, there is no quibbling
They don't care the whats/whys, they just want to scan the barcode, give you yer money and get you gone.
I so appreciate that.


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Necco Wafers are no longer around. I got hooked on them as a kid when they were sold at movie theaters. I could still find them at drug stores until 5 or 6 years ago when the company stopped making them.


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Necco Wafers are no longer around. I got hooked on them as a kid when they were sold at movie theaters. I could still find them at drug stores until 5 or 6 years ago when the company stopped making them.
Necco wafers are still available. Right now you can buy a 24 pack of rolls on Amazon for $28.71. I see them in grocery stores now and then.


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Dallas, TX
Previous posts made me think of The Bombay Company.
Good one! We still have a high-top table in our house from The Bombay Company. It is well over 10 years old. They had decent furniture at reasonable prices. Their furniture was so timeless that we only recently replaced the chairs and the whole set still looks new. I seem to remember they went under during the Great Recession. Sad.

Our go-to now for reasonably-priced furniture is @Home and Home Goods.

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Merry Go Round and Chess King, where I bought my club clothes in the 70's.

K-Mart. Remember the Blue Light specials?
Yes! I don't remember what year the Kmart came to Santa Cruz. Bet it's closed now. I remember one blue light special where the guy literally stated over the intercom "please don't fight over the watches" I don't know if anyone was, I wasn't at the blue light special.


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What was that laundry soap that had a towel inside the box? Seemed a waste to me as you were getting less laundry powder. And I am sure the towels were cheap. And I vaguely remember a product (not sur what) that had a glass inside. May be wrong on that one/

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Oh my lawd !!! my favourite perfume when I was a late teenager...21 shillings for a tiny bottle from Boots The Chemist:love:
I could have bought a new pair of Italian high heels for that !
Evening In Paris perfume.
Evening In Paris is still available at The Vermont Country Store. search&utm_campaign=nonbrand&sourceid=7RNBR047&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-8XR__7G-AIVZfLjBx1lugAREAAYASAAEgJqIvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds