Broadcasts Without Fan Noise


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Watching games with out fans, imagine touchdowns and homeruns in total silence. It is going to be a challenge for the broadcasters and I wonder how long viewers will continue to watch.

Maybe they can dub it in like they used to do laugh tracks for sitcoms.

I've always thought things would go this direction, anyway.

Major league sports teams make so much of their money on TV ad revenue and merchandising. Stadium receipts are so small I've often wondered if they might not be cash-negative after taking facilites costs into account.

Heck, they can play in front of a Blue Screen and have the background and sounds dubbed in.

jerry old

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It is difficult to watch a baseball or football game in their entirety.
I get bored, go do something, fiddle here and there, but have
to return in the latter part of the game to find out the score.

I was a rabid Cowboy fan in the 1970', but that has waned.

Now, I am not pleased with myself for wasting the time I watch
these millionaires.

However, there are some 'must see' games.
When Yanks and Red Sox square off the games can be intense.
The Steelers and Ravens are always head knocking games.

Cowboys can always rise up and beat good teams not in
their division, then back to slumber land.