Cashier refused to give change


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Janice, what do you need the quarters for? Just curious. I used to use them for my buildings laundry machines, but now we use a card. Parking meters?


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We never get cash back on a debit card because the item is fully paid for. However on self serve checkouts you can ask for cash back always in 20 dollar bills. Then I buy a 2 dollar lottery ticket and ask for coins back. They don't like doing that because they need coins in the till.
I would lower my sights and ask the cashier for a dollar's worth of quarters every time I make a transaction at the grocery store, drug store, etc...

You could also try asking at the service desk to see if they could spare a roll of quarters.

Good luck!
The Customer Service desk was where I was. The cashier was a polite young kid who's often there, I don't think he was just being difficult.
From what others have said, I guess it's the coin shortage.


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New Jersey
I heard someone else mention the coin shortage then when I was at the local supermarket yesterday and there was a sign posted saying that there is a cash/coin shortage. They were asking that people consider using those methods to pay.


At Wall-Mart you have to make the check out for the exact amount. If you make it for a few cents more that money goes to a charity. They do not want to handle coins and I see why.

I tell my wife to use a credit card but she does not want to for some reason.