ChrissieB - a meaningful (or meaningless perhaps!) introduction


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Good morning folks - I have been introduced to this website by an old friend from a previous (but now defunct) online group for Seniors, and am pleased to find this one!

I am a reasonably fit and happy "close to 70" lass; married; one husband; one stepson and that is really my family now (I was an only child of 2 only children, so no direct cousins etc and in any case most of my relatives have either "dropped off their perches" or are very unwell I assume 'cos they only write at Christmas and birthdays!

So, as my family is limited, since I retired I have taken on "secretaryships" with no less than 4 organisations, "chair" of one and "membership secretary" of another - it really keeps me busy and glued to my computer.......

I enjoy classical music - in fact I used to be a professional oboe player and teacher until my late '20s (wow, all that time ago!). My husband very generously paid for a 2nd hand oboe for my birthday, and I am trying to practice every day. It was amazing that I hadn't forgot anything and am playing reasonably well!

Anyone else keen on playing classical music out there?? Do you belong to an orchestra or was that difficult to find one.......

I look forward to hearing from some of you.........

Keep well and keep smiling!



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Welcome Chris, I'm glad that you could DropBy....☺.... jump in and enjoy yourself, lass. ☺


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Hi ChrissieB
Which part of the world are you in? helps if we fill in a little of our profile as we're all separated throughout the western world. I'm guessing you're in the me.. 😊 for musical instruments, last time I played was in the school orchestra.. but music is my passion...



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Hi ChrissieB welcome aboard,glad you found us
I also enjoy classical music,been listening to our local classical station for yrs. I like Ralph Vaughn Williams ,British choral director,John Rutter's music.I own 4 of his CD's
You'll meet some wonderful people here at SF
Enjoy your stay Sue in Buffalo,NY


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Welcome , Chrissie.
I like classical music, but do not play an instrument.
I always liked the sound of the oboe.

It is also nice, when we pick back up some interest like that, whatever it is, that we were once good at, and can enjoy again, in a different way, much later in our life.


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Welcome, Chrissie. I was a pianist from age 4 to 15, then I worked "regular" jobs & took it up again (just for fun) a couple of years ago.