Climate Awareness Satellite Images Showing How Much Our Earth Has Changed From 1984-2020


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I haven't watched these videos yet, but thought this was very interesting. Photos of specific places in link.

Google Earth posted a series of videos over on YouTube showing how much our world’s oceans, forests, glaciers, beaches, and cities have changed from 1984 to 2020, as a way to promote climate awareness through its new timelapse feature.

Have a look below at how human activity and natural forces have changed the Earth, dear Pandas. You'll find the links to the original videos underneath each photo in this list. And remember, stopping climate change is up to us. Even if things seem grim from the four decades’ worth of video imagery we’ve seen, there’s always hope.

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Bit scary. I was in the Matto Grosso in the 1980's and that shot on google is frightening. In boliva also and it appears to be changing as quick. "We see nothing, we hear nothing and we do nothing" Lets hope attitude change and we can make things somewhat better

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There is little doubt that the planet is changing....and probably Not for the better. Between Climate Change, and the burgeoning human population, those of us living today may be experiencing the "best of times"....compared to what the future is likely to bring.

The biggest risk is probably the rising oceans. If Greenland were to melt, it would raise the oceans by at least 20 feet. If Antarctica became Ice free, that rise would be around 200 Ft.

At the present rate of ocean rise, there is a good chance that many of our coastal cities...especially along the Gulf Coast and Eastern seaboard...may begin to resemble Venice in another few decades.