Common Popular Foods You Detest?


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Northern BC
Speaking for all Americans, not even the cheapest peanut butter smells or tastes like vomit to us. Cheap p'nut butter is usually either sweeter or saltier than the quality stuff, but otherwise it's all just pulverized peanuts and oil.

I'm not saying it can't smell like vomit to you, tho. If you say it does, it does, for sure.
I think it can taste and smell kind of like vomit, but only if it's stale.


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Eggplant and okra must be fried to get onto my plate. I love them both but only fried. I will say that if you grow your own they are much more tasty than what you buy in a store. Just like a home grown tomato, you can taste the difference.
Same with pickles. I can eat them but I discovered just how tasty fried pickles are when we moved to Texas. :)


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New Hampshire
I had to think hard to come up with any food that I strongly dislike if top quality ingredients are used and if they're prepared well. Those are a couple of huge "IF"s. There is no food that can't be made disgusting if poorly prepared.

The only thing that comes to mind is Vegemite (more of a condiment actually). I really like Marmite, but to me Vegemite tastes like jellied car exhaust.