Cremation or burial ? What is your choice ?


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My Wife's first Husband died suddenly 2 weeks ago. She and he have 3 adult children, and the older son is the executor of his Dad's estate. Apparently Dad didn't have a will. His son had to act quickly to arrange the cremation. He found a local service here in Ontario, that provided complete services, including body removal to the cremation facility, all death certificates, a simple wood casket, and cremation, all for a total of $1400. The cost of a traditional burial including removal, casket and burial plot would have cost at least ten times that amount. I have just completed the application to use that same simple cremation service for myself this morning.

In the event of your death, what are your wishes ? JimB.

In the event of your death, what are your wishes ?
Ideally, I'd like to be buried in a type of 'green' cemetery that I've read about that wraps a body in a fungus-imbued shroud that helps recycle the body, and buries it and plants a tree on the plot.
But I haven't arranged anything, it seems like cremation is the simplest option, after my father died my mom had him cremated and at the same time she paid for her own future cremation, and it made life so easy when she died. My parents already had cemetery plots and I think headstones too (I am bad, I have never gone to the cemetery because it is a couple hours away).
DH and I took a tour, last spring, of a local ORGANIC cemetery. It is one of two in the state. It was beautiful and we loved it. We picked out 2 plots on the tour, came home and wrote out the check. ($1300 for two plots and burial) Got our deeds in the mail the next week. We can be buried, usually 2-4 days from the death, in a plain wooden box - no chemicals - or wrapped in an organic fiber sheet or blanket, or even paper. The bodies gradually compost and we get a flat stone that will be engraved (at our cost). Even came with room for a beloved pet.

We haven't talked to a funeral home yet since we have tentative plans to move to a CCRC in a nearby town. So, not sure where we'll end up. The woman who owns the cemetery said that most of the funeral homes nearby are familiar with the place and know what to do. Our sons are completely on board with it.
Cremation and my ashes sprinkled where I sprinkled my late wife's at sea. I am in CA, and my family has a large plot in NJ. I cannot see any sense in shipping me back there to be buried.
My wife has a family plot in PA, and I called the cemetery to find the cost of interring her ashes.
Well, by the time they added up the urn, vault, digging and covering, it was well over $1000! That did not include me flying back there.

Cremation or burial ? What is your choice ?​

To be honest I don't much care, I'll be dead then.

When asked I tell people the lowest cost possible, probably cremation.

However a "green" burial wouldn't be bad. If it didn't cost too much. No embalming, no real casket, and no dedicated ground. In a place like this:

Being cast into a shark feeding frenzy would be ok too, but I don't know how to arrange that...
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Pre paid cremation for both myself & my wife. Burial plots, all transportation that may be needed, burn box, bio degradable box for placement in the ground, all paperwork needed for kids to claim inheritance. Signature cards signed & witnessed for safety deposit box where other info that may be needed.

I was curious about a burn box. The director explained to me that dignity was important so rather than just being cremated on a slab & the ashes scooped up the nude body was placed in a box designed for cremation.
When my sister's husband passed away almost 20yrs ago she always wanted him to be near her. When he was young his father cheated on his mother and married someone else. Neither parent wanted him so he went to a Boy's home. He met my sister when he was 16yrs old and when he passed away she had him cremated. she didn't want him to be alone again. He loved wearing cowboy boots she had wooden ones made and she keeps his remains in them right next to her bed.
Don't ever laugh as a hearse goes by
For you may be the next to die.

They wrap you up in bloody sheets
To drop you six feet underneath
They put you in a pinewood box
And cover you up with dirt and rocks.

It all goes well for about a week
And then, your coffin begins to leak
And the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out
The worms play pinochle on your snout.

They eat your eyes, they eat your nose
As you begin to decompose
A slimy beetle with demon's eyes
Chews through your stomach and out your sides.

Your stomach turns to rancid grease
And puss pours out like melted cheese
You spread it on a slice of bread
And that's what you'll eat when you're dead.

And the worms crawl out, the worms crawl in
The ones that crawl in are lean and thin
The ones that crawl out are fat and stout
Your eyes fall in, and your hair falls out.

Your brain turns into maggot pie
Your liver starts to liquify
And for the living, all is well
As you sink further into hell.

And the flames rise up to drag you down
Into the fire, where you will drown
Your skin melts off as you descend
And Satan tears you limb from limb.

Your suffering will never end
And the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out
They'll eat your guts and then shit them out
And when your bones begin to rot
The worms remain, but you do not.

So, don't ever laugh as a hearse goes by
For someday, you'll be the one to die
And when Death brings his cold despair
Ask yourself, "Will anyone care?"

Cremation, problem is, I don't smoke.
Cremation. I read up on what is done to your body in preparation for a burial and it's ghoul-ish in my view. I directed that most of my ashes be interred in my father's grave and the rest sprinkled in the woods where I played and in the river where I fished as a kid. My nephew is supposed to take care of business after I'm gone and I told him that if sprinkling my remains in the places asked was too much he can just bury them with the rest. I don't want to burden him unnecessarily.