Decided we need an albums thread


Y gath o Gymru
Whole albums are available on you tube..please post only whole albums.

And I have found some real gems...including this.
I will post one daily.
Hope you do to.
Collegium Musicum-Same 1971.
It's good this.

Oh boy now my memory’s floodgates have been opened. I have loved a lot of African and Indian music Ali Farka Toure playing with Toumani Diabete on their album Heart of the Moon is right up there with any. Every piece is exquisite and even for this agnostic evokes the sacred. But I don’t see the whole album available for posting so here is a short documentary of them playing together in concert, alas with background information about them voiced right over the music. (Someone should be shot.😉)

And here is one song at least without any voice over.

Another album called Bamako featuring Diabete was done with the jazz trombonist, Roswell Rudd which I also recommend. Again I don’t find the whole album but this one song will give you the flavor.

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